Malibu California

= Topanga Canyon Boulevard was open Sunday … but is closed today … power lines down. = A major traffic crackdown is looming for in the sudden 30 mile zone. = Santa Monica may want 11 billion dollars … that’s billion with a b … over 50 years … from Malibu. = The Malibu lighting […]

Topanga Canyon Boulevard was closed …. again  … this morning. This time … it’s a car crash. The lowest part of Topanga Canyon is closed … from Topanga Lumber down to the P C H. A car hit a power pole at 1 in the morning … live power lines down on the road. Edison […]

The Malibu Planning Commission will take up the proposed dark skies ordinance tonight … at City Hall. Many residents have been asking for the ordinance for decades . Surveys have shown great support for reducing light pollution … which has increased in recent years as residents install landscape lighting and security lighting. The once black […]

County sheriff’s deputies plan a major crackdown on traffic speed limit violations in the construction zone between Latigo Point and Escondido Beach. Very small and nearly-hidden speed limit signs … 30 miles per hour … and big orange flashing signs warning of the construction zone are not working. The city’s radar gun sign there is […]

Santa Monica has laid its cards on the table. The price Malibu must pay to Santa Monica for full independence … a Malibu Unified School District. A new report was issued late Friday by the Santa Monica school district office. The report is an analysis from a consulting firm … called School Services of California […]

= The Dark Skies ordinance is up for public hearing. = Some people really upset about early morning car show cancellation. = Topanga Canyon Boulevard closure through Sunday. = And the LA Marathon will close Santa Monica streets … also Sunday. Malibu’s Only Local Daily News is in 8 minutes … here on the new […]

L-A County traffic engineers are installing the first traffic signal in the heart of the western Santa Monica Mountains. The light is going in at Kanan-Dume Road at Mulholland Highway. Also … sidewalks .. complete with wheel chair ramps. Engineers have counted the number of crashes at the corner … and divided it by the […]

Another lawsuit … filed against Southern California Edison … for allegedly causing the worst fire in modern California history. The ignition point … 40 miles north of Malibu … on ranchlands north of Santa Paula. Calfire has yet to produce a report on what caused the Thomas Fire …which killed two … and destroyed hundreds […]

Many Malibu residents are furious that complaining neighbors have caused a car show to be cancelled at Trancas Market. “Grinch” … “NIMBY” and “rude” are some of the more printable words used to describe the person who complained. One resident … offended by loud cars arriving at setting up at 5:45 on a Sunday morning […]

The city planning commission will take up the proposed dark skies ordinance Monday night … at City Hall. Many residents have been asking for the ordinance for decades … and five years ago the Malibu Community Alliance launched a mission to preserve Malibu’s nighttime skies with a Dark Sky Ordinance. Surveys have shown great support […]

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