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The Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District is going to go to federal court this month to get permission to stop removing PCB contamination from buildings that are now scheduled to be torn down. Several years ago … the district was ordered by a federal judge remove the PCB from all classrooms by the end of […]

The L.A. County Fire Department began sending hazmat inspection teams out yesterday. LA County Fire is working alongside teams from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the California Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). The trams are assessing and removing household hazardous waste … from properties burned by the Woolsey Fire. The county fire […]

Malibu’s city council will meet tonight … expect a huge uproar. Many Malibu residents are seething with anger over the perceived mishandling of the fire disaster. The massive traffic jam on P C H in the sudden evacuation. The lack of fire trucks in Malibu. The lack of reinforcements. And most of all … perhaps […]

This is KBUU News – Day 25 after the fire =   How much Malibu property value was just burned?  Try 1 point 6 billion dollars worth. =   Inspectors start fanning out today to give the OK to demolish fire wreckage. =   We have extensive details on how long it will take people […]

About 250 residents whose homes were lost or damaged in the Woolsey Fire that ravaged Malibu last month gathered yesterday afternoon for the second meeting of Operation Recovery. Our correspondent … Sam Hall Kaplan … filed this report. The meeting at the Malibu Jewish Center, was sponsored by the Malibu Times. It attracted some 50 […]

Malibu residents used to seeing lane closures on Pacific Coast Highway ain’t seen nothing yet. Caltrans has plans to flood Malibu with repair crews six days a week … daytimes … starting today. Fire damaged hillsides and debris clogged drains need immediate attention following the fire. Mud is flowing during rainstorms onto the pavement in […]

At one end of the Malibu social strategy … the rich and famous partied last night. At the other end. … volunteers scraping togethers surfboards for kids and adults who lost everything in the fire. Victims were treated to new and recycled surfing gear at Saturday’s Malibu Stokefest. These boys looked like Christmas morning in […]

Santa Monica city officials are finding housing for about 10 to 15 families from Malibu … families of modest financial means. This is according to an article in the Santa Moncia Daily Press. The Community Corporation of Santa Monica is finding affordable housing for the working class families.  The program is targeting families from Malibu […]

Inspectors are supposed to begin fanning out over Western Los Angeles County today … looking at 1600 destroyed houses and thousands of damaged structures. But the issue of him when demolition permits will begin to start flowing is still a matter of confusion and interagency wrangling. Not a pretty picture … but that’s what is […]

This is KBUU News – Day 22 of the fire – the headlines: =  No additional mudflows overnight. =  Two days of sun now … but rain may arrive tomorrow. =  The slop at Cuthbert at Phillip has been bulldozed away … for now. =  Webster and Pepperdine both are in session today … after […]

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