Tuesday May 9: Malibu Cyn Murder Case Begins With Terrifying Testimony – Films Are Not Permitted Uses At Malibu Churches, 2 of 5 Councilmembers Claim, But MFS Wins – Major Progress On School Divorce, As SM Loosens Financial Demands – SMMUSD Appeals Its Premature Appeal Against Voting By District – Major Crimes Plummet 23% In Malibu

Written by on May 9, 2023

Man Describes Finding Brother In Law Soaked In Blood In Malibu Canyon, As Kids Sobbed

The brother in law of the Malibu Canyon campground murder victim testified yesterday that he heard some pops and then his two little nieces crying … keeling next to their dad’s bloody body.

Tristan Beaudette had been shot in the head as the small family group slept in a tent …  shot in the head in the middle of a night. 

Emotional testimony yesterday .. 

Scott McCurdy told the downtown Los Angeles jury that he was sleeping in a nearby tent when he was awakened by “several loud pops” that he initially thought may have been fireworks or something from a nearby fire pit and saw “like a flash of light” early the morning of June 22, 2018.

He said he heard one of Tristan Beaudette’s daughters start to cry.

He investigated and found his brother in law … the 35 year old daddy with gunshot wounds to the head. 

The testimony was hard to take.

McCurdy said he discovered the girls kneeling in a pool of blood.

He realized he should get the girls out of the tent and called out to neighboring campers for help.

McCrurdy then went back into the tent to check on Beaudette.

“I noticed there was nothing in his eyes. I realized he was gone and I left.”

There was a small hole in the fairly new tent.

Anthony Rauda was not in the courtroom.

He has assaulted sheriff’s deputies in court in the past.

Rauda has waived his right to be in the trial … apparently to avoid being seen by the jury shacked to a jail chair and wearing a spit guard.

State Parks To End Use Of Round Up In Malibu

Caljfornia State Parks has told Malibu residents they hear them … and will stop using Round Up on weeds at the Point Dume nature reserve.

A state parks official said yesterday that use of the poison will stop immediately.

Many residents were infuriated when they spotted signage at the point … warning residents that the weeds had been sprayed with the poison by the state.

Although California State Parks may or may not be regulated by the city’s ban on pesticides and herbicides … the official now says they will abide by the Malibu poison ban. 

The Last Picture Show Barely Gets OK For Church To – Gasp – Screen Malibu Film Society Movies

A divided Malibu city council voted last night to bend the city’s zoning code … and interpret it to allow the Malibu Film Society to show movies in a church.

Just before midnight … it was a 3 to 2 vote.

The city will allocate 85 thousand dollars to buy everyone in Malibu a membership in the Malibu Film Society.

And some of those screenings will be in Malibu Pacific Church .. just off Malibu Canyon Road and up the hill from the Pepperdine signal.

At the meeting last night … Malibu Film Society director … Scott Tallal ,,, says Malibu is a Hollywood town … and residents deserve a big screen.


“Local residents will no longer have to drive down the coast, or over the mountains, just to go see a movie on the big screen, and they won’t have to drive all the way back to Malibu in the dark. 

“Malibu Pacific Church has plenty of on-site parking, great acoustics, unobstructed sight lines, and permanently-installed theater-style seating in a beautifully designed room. “This is a place that will satisfy even the pickiest studio executive.

“So we’ll finally be able to bring all of those top awards, season contenders, first one films and great guest speakers back to Malibu.”

Two city council members argued against the move.

Marianne Riggins says the church needs a permit to be a church.

They are in violation of our municipal code … 


“They are in violation of our municipal code by not having a city required conditional use permit for their operation. 

“I understand philosophically that yes they are going to continue to be operating … “

“If this were a restaurant, what would your argument be? ‘Get your CUP in order and then we will talk’.”

Steve Uhring lives in the neighborhood near the church … he simply does not want movies shown there.


“Neighborhoods are sacred. 

“You deserve to have peace and quiet where you live. 

“We want that. Everyone wants that. 

“And this has the potential of taking that away. And that’s wrong.”

But the majority of the council disagreed.

Paul Grisanti pointed out that it was the city council that had encouraged setting up the Malibu Film Society … nearly two decades ago … in a synagogue that did not have a conditional use permit. 

Last night… The City Council voted 3 to 2 to allocate $85,000 in Malibu library funds to the Malibu film society.

And importantly, the city council interpreted existing city regulations to allow social events… =like showing movies… to be considered regular activities at a church or synagogue. 

This is the second time that the city Council has redirected the city planning Director to interpret the city policy different

Earlier… They directed him to interpret the Malibu a little league snack shack as a permitted use in a city park.

Editor’s note: Scott Tallal is a volunteer at KBUU and member of the Board of Directors of our parent organization.

Major Progress In SMMUSD Divorce: SM Agrees To Improved Financial Terms, But Board Appeals Voting Decision

A major advance in the Santa Monica Malibu divorce talks.

A Malibu assistant city attorney last night said santa monica has made a major financial concession… and is no longer demanding a huge chunk of future Malibu tax revenue for the next 30 years.

Christine Wood told the Malibu city council last night that progress is slower than hoped for … but still being made … to get the Bu out of the SMMUSD. 


“Although none of the agreements have been finalized, it is important to know that there are some very key terms that have been agreed upon.

“First each successor  school districts will retain all local revenues that had been generated in their respective territory.

“That was something that had not really been agreed upon before, so that is a (new) agreed-upon financial term.”

But Malibu will guarantee that Santa Monica will get some Malibu property tax revenue … with a limit.


“We will provide the Malibu Unified School District will provide a minimum annual guarantee growth factor of four percent for the future Santa Monica Unified School District.”

Assistant City Attorney Christine Wood says the timetable that Malibu and santa Monica has slipped a bit … 

But the financial and legal terms being negotiated are very complex … and she says Santa Monica is acting in good faith to get the Bu out of the Santa Monica district.

And we have an update on a Santa Monica school board decision … to spend tax dollars to appeal a decision that went against it.

A judge ruled that Santa Monica had jumped the gun … in asking the courts to throw out a vote-by-district plan … 

Malibu resident Jennifer De Nicola and Santa Monica city council member Oscar de la Torre have filed petitions with the county board of education.

They want voters in seven geographic zones in the Santa Monica Malibu district to select one local board member. 

Their proposed map shows Malibu with two of the seven districts.

For years … residents in the North of Montana neighborhood have controlled the Santa Monica malibu school board … largely freezing out candidates from Malibu … and the lower income Pico neighborhoods.

That may be illegal discrimination.

When the petition was filed … Santa Monica immediately filed suit … before the county board had even heard the petition.

A judge in L-A applied the well-settled basic legal rule … Santa Monica can’t file a lawsuit before the board even makes a decision.

Santa Monica is now spending Malibu tax money to fight that ruling … in court. 

Major Crime Drops 23% Over Last Year, Lost Hills Reports As It Explains MHS Scare

Crime is dropping in Malibu.

Major crimes … have dropped 23 percent this year as opposed to last year.

Malibu Sgt Chris Sonderland … with the April crime statistics for Malibu.


“I’m happy to report that year-to-date changed from last year: crime is down 23% for Part One Crimes, which are the most serious crimes.

“So that’s homicide robbery assault robbers arson grand theft vehicle … so those are some of those are the most serious crimes and that’s down 23%.”

Soderland also addressed parent concerns … voiced during the meeting … about the soft lockdown at MalibuHigh and Middle schools last week.

A Malibu High grad had been observed making strange and threatening comments to a group of middle schoolers while they were on a field trip to the Getty Villa museum.

Sutherland said that museum is in the city of LA… But the Malibu lost Hills sheriffs office jumped into the investigation anyway.


“That area is just outside the Lost Hills sheriffs jurisdiction, that’s the West LAPD Station that covers that area. 

“But as soon as we got word of what happened, we immediately responded there. And our deputies escorted the school bus and the students back to the campus in Malibu and ensure that everybody got off the bus safely, and got reunited with their families safely. 

“We also took the lead in the investigation, even though it’s LAPD’s area of responsibility. We authored the report and we took a joint threat assessment along with LAPD of the suspect’s residence. 

“We do not brush off anything, we take everything seriously and we investigate them fully.

“And to that end I want to remind everybody that we have a full-time dedicated sergeant and three deputies attached to the schools at the LASO station, so school safety is one of our top priorities.”

Soderlund also said the decision to place Malibu, middle school and Malibu high school on a soft lockdown was made by the district, not by the sheriffs office, and there was no actual threat to the campuses.

School district officials, said the soft lockdown was a matter of precaution.

Lincoln Avenue Blocked by Murder Investigation, near LAX

The highway linking Malibu to LAX was blocked by a murder yesterday.

A person in a Jeep with Utah license plates was involved in some sort of road rage incident on Lincoln Boulevard … near marina del Rey.

He was shot and died on the pavement … in the intersection between Highway 1 and Highway 90 … the marine Expressway.

The victim is identified only as a 25-year-old man.

The suspect had been seen shooting into the Jeep following a road rage incident, according to the Los Angeles Police Department.

The suspect fled the scene and has not been identified  police said.

UCLA Hospital Drastically Overcrowded, Even As Pandemic Wanes

A disturbing report about the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center … the largest hospital on the westside.

The L A Daily News reports UCLA Reagan is so overwhelmed with patients … and so understaffed … that patients regularly get treatment in an elevator lobby … the waiting room and even an outdoor tent. 

At the UCLA Reagan …, ER hospital beds overflow into several hallway areas and two inpatient beds are crammed into rooms built for one, hospital officials have confirmed to the LA Daily News.

During the opnademic … the tents and waiting rooms were converted into designated emergency room overflow spaces.

But while COVID has subsided … the dramatic overcrowding at UCLA Reagan continues. these spaces remain in use

A UCLA Health spokesperson admits that UCLA Medical Center is experiencing elevated patient volumes often exceeding those at the height of the pandemic in both the emergency department and inpatient units.

Te hospital says it is :grateful for our patients and their understanding, and we appreciate the resilience of nurses and other employees as we manage these challenging circumstances,” 

UCLA Reagan is not alone …

USC says it “continues to be pretty overwhelmed day-to-day, post-COVID. The need is high and the available treatment spaces we have are just not adequate,” said Dr. Emily Johnson, an USC emergency medicine physician and an ER associate medical director who works at several Los Angeles area hospitals.

Overcrowding impacts patient care and creates challenging working conditions for staff, Johnson said.

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