1 More Killed On PCH – Ventura Cops Crack Down On PCH West Of Malibu Sunday – LA Sheriff May Rotate ‘Local’ Deputies Out Of Malibu – Sea Level Drive House Circles Back To Planning

Written by on May 1, 2023

Add 1 To PCH Death Toll: Carload Of Beachgoers Broadsided Saturday In Santa Monica

The death toll on Pacific Coast Highway keeps ticking up.

This time… It was a car full of tourists that was broadsided… T-boned …. As the driver tried to turn into the Santa Monica pier parking lot.

The Saturday afternoon crash left Pacific Coast Highway closed for 10 hours… With traffic detoured on city streets in Pacific Palisades and downtown Santa Monica. 

Santa Monica Police say a vehicle with six adults and two children was traveling out of the tunnel an d then stopped din the left turn lane … when the driver attempted to make a left turn into the beach parking lot. 

A second vehicle … heading towards the freeway tunnel… crashed into the first.

All 10 people were taken to the UCLA hospital. 

Most of the injuries were minor… But one passenger in one of the vehicles died at the hospital..

The 50 miles of Pacific Coast Highway between point Mugu and the Santa Monica tunnel are patrolled by five different police agencies… And governed by four different municipal agencies plus Caltrans owns the property and maintains it.

No one keeps an official death toll.


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Ventura Deputies and CHP Stage Major Crackdown On PCH West Of Neptune’;s Net

A major crackdown on PCH by Ventura County sheriff’s deputies and the California Highway patrol.

This was on Pacific Coast Highway between the L A County line and the Point Mugu Naval station. 

At least one driver did not pull over … he as spotted being chased by four squad cars on PCH into the Oxnard area.

At least six squad cars plus two motorcycle units were on the road in a highly visible show of force.

PCH has been taken over some days by show offs driving souped up cars … ranging from cheap imports to expensive exotics to motorcycles. 

Cases of road rage have broken out … some motorists have felt threatened by erratically-driven vehicles. 

Yesterday’s crackdown in Ventura County led to a marked reduction in the number of loud cars observed Sunday in western Los Angeles County … and western Malibu.

Several of the cop cars were marked Simi Valley Police … which is a unit of the Ventura County sheriff’s agency.

Side note: we hear that the City of Malibu is having its name pasted on the LA County cop cars here run the city.

No official word from the Ventura County sheriff – or the CHP –  on the number of arrests or tickets. 


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With Malibu Police Station Nearing, Malibu Likely To Object To Plans To Rotate ‘Local’ Deputies Out Of Area

The L A County sheriff’s office serves as the Malibu police department … and that mother organization has some problems at some of its stations.

Compton and East Los Angeles … to be specific. 

Add at the LA County Jail downtown.

Deputy gangs… Cliques… Problems like that have beset the inner city sheriffs offices.

But Malibu lost Hills has been immune from those scandals.

In order to break up the problems… The sheriffs civilian oversight commission is recommending mass transfers… An end to the long-standing sheriffs policy of keeping deputies at the same station for most of their career.

In fact… The sheriffs civilian oversight commission recommends moving deputies deputies around every five years.

Malibu’s city Council appears to be not very happy with that.

Although a vote hasn’t been taken yet… next Monday, the city council will decide on sending a letter to the board of supervisors, opposing the concept .

of  moving deputies every five years.

A proposed letter says that law enforcement efforts are strengthened by continuity and the relationships that are built within the community. 

In addition, during a disaster such as the Woolsey Fire, knowledge of the community, the roads and the neighborhoods is critical for an effective response … says the proposed city letter.

Not stated in the proposed letter is the opening later this year of the Malibu sheriffs substation… And the preference of the city Council to keep the same cadre of sheriffs deputies on local patrol in Malibu.

It’s up to the county board of supervisors and the elected sheriff to make a decision on the concept of rotating deputies in and out of the local area.


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City Council Also Likely To Oppose ‘Deincarceration’ and ‘Catch And Release’

The city council may also send a letter to the Board of Supervisors opposing a plan by westside supervisor Lindsay Horvath to drastically reduce the number of pole held in the county jail system’

Horvath and fellow supervisor Hilda Solis recently took blistering criticism for their jail depopulation plan. 

The Horvath/Solis plan included releasing inmates through expansion of early release programs … reduction and elimination of certain bail amounts…. And the  establishment of a mandatory cite-and-release rule for suspects with bail amounts less than $50,000.

Basically … catch and release for minor crimes. 

There was an uproar of opposition … and the item was pulled form the agenda by Horvath … who represents Malibu and the western one fifth of the county..

Malibu officials say they are worried that  … although the motion was pulled …. there are indications that it will be brought back at a future meeting.

The Las Virgenes-Malibu Council of Governments … Calabasas and Hidden Hills already have sent letters of opposition. 

A letter … drafted for approval by the city council … says the City of Malibu recognizes the need to address jail overcrowding, 

But it complains that the county needs to listen to cities before making changes in the jail system.


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Sea Level Drive House Strongly Opposed By Hill And Mazza To Come Back To Planning Comm Tonight

A congtroversial house proposal on Sea Level Drive comes back before the Malibu planning commission meeting tonight.

Two city planning commissioners bitterly split from the three member majority on this one two weeks ago.

John Mazza and Kraig Hill felt that the city planning department had failed to come back with alternative designs for the house … as they interpret the city codes to have required.

But the applicant contends that he researched plans to move the house back from a creek … and the preliminary investigations proved that no feasible alternative exists to develop the lot.

Mazza and Hill wanted plans for complete alternative houses.

The applicant said designing an entire set of house plans that were not feasible in the first place would be a waste of money. 

Mazza and Hill argued vociferously for their reading of the law two weeks ago.

And that led to their fellow board members saying they were just repeating and repeating. 

The house plan passed by a 3 to 2 vote two weeks ago… It comes back up for a final vote tonight.


Sex Abuse In Foster Homes, County Juvie Camps To Cost L A County Up To $3 Billion

If you haven’t heard about the sad history of sex abuse … of children by adults working for Los Angeles County … it is going to affect you.

One lawyer says the extent … and the financial liability … will be as big as the Catholic Church. 

There are three thousand claims for sexual abuse pending against L A County.

Some of them have been drummed up by lawyers advertising on TV … which does not deny the legitimacy of any of the claims. 

The L A Times reports that even some of the most seasoned California sex abuse attorneys are stunned by what the county said two weeks ago. 

The county government may be forced to spend between $1.6 billion and $3 billion to resolve roughly 3,000 claims of sexual abuse.

The crimes against children allegedly took place in the county’s foster homes, children shelters, and probation camps and halls dating to the 1950s.

Some of the cases are so old that there are simply no records to investigate.

L A County is hiring 11 law firms to work through the claims.

Los Angeles County has three thousand claims.

Riverside County says it has 13 …  Orange County says it has nine such claims.


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Both School Board And City Council Have Executive Sessions In Next 8 Nights, Divorce On SMMUSD Agenda

Both the Santa Monica school board, and the Malibu city council have executive session scheduled for the next week.

The school board says they will be discussing the Malibu school district divorce.

The city will only say that the city Council will be discussing some type of possible or current litigation.

California’s open meetings laws do not require any specific information about what type of the peoples business will be discussed behind closed doors in executive session.

And lawyers always recommend secrecy… Lest legal strategy be telegraphed to the opposing party.

As reporters… We also point out that the open meetings that does not require secrecy… It really allows it.

So… There may be some movement in the school district divorce case.

Or not.

It’s a government secret.


Changes Coming To LAX Buses Running On Lincoln Blvd In SM

A major change is coming to the Bliug Blue Bus between Santa Monica and LAX.

The Route 2 and Rapid Route 3 express2 buses will be electrified … running on batteries … between downtown Santa Monica and the airport.

Santa Monica’s Big Blue Bus has just received a $22.9 million State grant to purchase 5 additional battery electric buses.

This will bring the total of electric Big Blue Buses up to 39 … about a total of the fleet. 

The 7b and R7 express buses are going to get an extended bus only lane on Lincoln Boulevard. 

Soon … they will connect to the ambitious LAX people mover trains. 

It will soon be possible to arrive on a plane … take the People Mover to the R7 bus … and then transfer to the 134 malibu bus in downtown Santa Monica. 

That wil be faster than retrieving a car and driving it.


Pita Bu Opens Near Malibu Pier – It’s Kosher

In much lighter news … if you can’t do chicken or fish … try felafel.

A new Mediterranean-style eatery has taken over the spot previously home to Fish Grill over near Malibu Pier.

Pita ‘Bu features dishes like falafel, fish tacos, vegan shawarma, fresh chummus, and shakshuka.

The restaurant is owned and operated by Chabad of Malibu…  which is located next door.

Chabad has previously run a chicken restaurant there.

Pita Bu is open for lunch … until 3 … every day except Saturday.













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