KBUU News Thu May 11 – 3 Missing In Crash Near Navy Island – City Wants To Store Impounded Cars In Front Of Malibu Middle School This Summer – Planning Commission Frets About Excessive Taco Munching – KBUU News To Take 4 Weeks Off

Written by on May 11, 2023

3 Missing After Pt Mugu Plane Crashes Next To San Clemente Island

Three people were presumed dead yesterday after the regular U S Navy flight fromPoint Mugu to the secret Navy base at San Clemente island crashed into the ocean … 70 miles south of Malibu.

The Learjet pilot issued a mayday on approach to the airport on th eNavy base just before 8 a.m.

A private company under contract to the Navy flies a daily flight from Point Mugu…  which is part of Naval Base Ventura County.

The plane was a Gates Learjet 36A. 

The names of the three missing people or details on their relationship to the Navy were not immediately released.

Coast Guard chopper from San Diego reported spotting a debris field floating a mile off the island’s southwest side.

San Clemente island hosts a gunnery range ,… airfield .. and simulated aircraft carrier landing apparatus.

It’s closed to the public … but it’s sometimes visible from the mountains of malibu … peeking out behind much closer Santa Catalina Island.


City Asks To Store Impounded Cars In Front Of Middle School This Summer, Not Behind High School

Closer to home … the front of Malibu Middle School will be used as a temporary impound lot for cars that get towed away from red zones … fire hydrants or other dangerous places.

That’s … if the proposal is approved by the Planning Commission when it meets Monday night.

City officials plan to store up to 31 impounded cars per day at the middle school’s lower parking lot.

To be precise… That would be the upper half of the lower parking lot down by Morning View Drive.

Using a local parking lot near Zuma Beach will allow the sheriffs department contract tow truck service provider to circle back-and-forth with cars parked in bad places.

Many beachgoers or party animals ignore no parking signs and choose to risk a parking ticket to get a primo beach parking space.

Without a local impound yard… cars on the hook would have to be towed 40 miles through beach traffic to an impound yard in Ventura County.

For more than 20 years… is small parking lot next to the school bus garage in the center of campus was used as an impound lot.

This summer … the city proposes to use the front parking lot near the new middle school.

A city staff report says the lower parking lot was selected this year to prevent truck traffic from infiltrating the campus and residential neighborhoods north of the campus.

Last summer … city officials last year were unable to use the high school as an impound lot area… because the school district had construction planned there.

That construction is now on indefinite hold, while the coastal commission staff analyzes the proposed zoning change for the new high school.

Some Point Dume residents were infuriated last year … because the city put the towed cars lot on Point Dume … next the post office loading dock.

This .. despite the fact that most of the cars that were towed away last summer … were towed off of streets in the Point Dume neighborhood.

361 vehicles were impounded in the City last summer.

Some Point Dume residents said putting impounded cars in a lot there was the end of the rural Malibu way of life. 

No opposition has arisen yet … from Malibu Park residents … to putting the impound lot in front of Malibu Middle School. 


City To Deliver Update On ‘Excessive’ Taco Crunching At Howdy’s

The ever-watchful Malibu Planning Commission will get an update Monday night on just how many enchiladas are being consumed at any one time at Howdy’s Mexican restaurant.

The popular Civic Center taqueria has irritated some planning commissioners … by being too popular and selling too many tacos.

Howdy’s has covered a patio with canvas… To allow diners to eat in an area protected from the sun and wind.

A flagrant violation of its use permit … says planning commissioner John Mazza.

He’s demanded that the city planning department provide a full report on the illicit enjoyment of enchiladas while not standing up.

And if the parking lot gets too full… there may not be enough room for other shoppers… Which is a huge city concern.

The Planning Commission meets next Monday at 6:30 on the Internet.


Parks Commission Plans Breakneck Pace On Tuesday Field Trip: Around Malibu In 90 Minutes

The city parks commission will be out in the parks on Tuesday.

It’s monthly meeting will be in three Malibu parks.

At 3:30… the commission will take a park tour of Charmlee Wilderness Park/

At 4:45 … the commission will look at Trancas Canyon park.

And at 5 … they will look at the old Christmas tree lot … the city owned land at PCH and Heathercliff Drive.

Here’s a prediction.

They will be late … no way an they make that schedule.


Alleged Pusher Arrested By Feds, Charged With Selling Fake Ecstasy To Samohi Kids

A Los Angeles man has been arrested by the federal government and charged with selling pills that led to the drug overdose of three 15-year-old Santa Monica High School students last May.

The girls survived. 

Adrian Benevides-Schorgi is a  22 year old resident of LA’s Jefferson Park neighborhood.

He is among 12 alleged fentanyl dealers charged by federal drug enforcement officials Tuesday.

The three girls were found by Santa Monica police and firefighters on May 25 in an apartment on 20th Street … overdosed on fentanyl.

The girls were “unconscious and having difficulty breathing” — 

They were treated by paramedics and rushed to the hospital with critical injuries consistent with an overdose.

Santa Monica School District officials say the teens had snorted crushed-up blue circular tablets they believed to be ecstasy they had ordered from an online dealer .


Sheriff Wants 1,100 New Deputies, Horvath Balks At Stun Guns

L A County sheriff Robert Luna wants to hire 11 hundred new deputies … and he wants more money to do that.

The sheriff has a 4 billion dollar share of the 43 billion dollar L A County budget.

Luna wants an additional 135 million dollars to pay for the additional deputies.

That won’t directly affect the number of deputies in Malibu .. where the city budget pays for a set number of deputies hours.,

But 1100 new deputies would give the sheriff a much larger pool of available staff… Across the vast LA County law-enforcement system.

Part of the extra $135 million he’s asking for it would also supply new Tasers to deputies on patrol.

Westside county supervisor Lindsay Horvath has pushed back on the tasers.

Luna also wants additional money for a a digital monitoring system to track the whereabouts of inmates and jail deputies in the county jail system.

Luna says he is shocked that the county does not already have a digital monitoring system.

The sheriff warns that federal or state officials taking control of the county jail system “appears to be a very real possibility” … as he implies that his predecessor, Alex Villanueva, ignored the problem. 

“Addressing these issues can no longer be avoided,” he said.


SM Makes Density Transfer Deal With Company That Had Planned 13 High Rises

Santa Monica has dodged a bullet … and has struck a deal with a builder who had found a loophole to get permission to build 13 high-rise apartment buildings scattered around the city.

W-S Communities had exploited a state law that allows builders to construct giant projects … if some of them are reserved for low income tenants … and if a city has failed to produce a plan for additional housing as required by the state.

These are so-called Buidlrs Remedy projects … those projects were entirely outside city control and could bypass all zoning rules provided they meet minimum standards for affordability.

W-S Communities had planned 13 middies to high-rise buildings that would have been exempt form nearly all Santa Monica zoning laws. 

The settlement allows the developer to combine affordable housing requirements for the 13 scattered locations into one single location … while maintaining the density bonuses.

The developer also wins permission to build underground parking garages. 

But … they will end efforts to build a massive high rise at 30th Street and Nebraska Avenue … which would have towered over the New Roads School.


Crate And Barrel Opens Design Shop At Malibu Country Mart

Across the street from Howdy’s …a new chain store has opened in the Malibu Country Mart.

Crate and Barrel is the Chicago-based chain that has outlets nationwide … most of them 10 thousand feet or more.

Crate and Barrel is opening a smaller design shop … one fourth the size … in the Malibu Civic Center.

It’s called C-B-2 … according to Women’s Wear Daily.

C B 2 opens today.  C B 2 will be staffed only with interior stylists.

They will offer consulting for customers who may want to remodel an entire home … or just need a new piece of furniture to change things up.

“Malibu felt like the best place to start this kind of retail concept” … explained CB2 President Ryan Turf to the Women’s Wear Daily website.

They describe Malibu as 25 miles north of L.A. … note to Chicago … it’s west.

They say “the seaside mart frequented by celebs and influencers. 

“It is also adjacent to well-to-do L.A. suburbs Calabasas and Hidden Hills, whose residents include the Kardashian clan and athletes such as LeBron James.”

The entire Malibu store is about the size of modern Malibu house’s living room plus dining room

It’s a showroom where shoppers can consult with a seller … and browse a vast array of merchandise, pick up housewares or order a sofa to be delivered in a few days.

Plus luxury items like lotions, scented candles and plants .. because what would a Malibu store be without lotions scented candles and plants.

The idea is to serve … quoting now … “People coming in for a real connection. 

“Otherwise, you’re just going to shop online, right?” 


KBUU News Goes On Hiatus Starting Next Wed

This editor’s note …

For the first time in six years … we’re taking a long time off.

Next Tuesday or Wednesday will be the last newscasts for four weeks.

We’ll be around Malibu .. and the radio station will be staffed should emergencies occur.

But the doctor says. … no keyboards our wrists recover.  Composing the newscasts if 4-5 solid hours of typing daily … and the Hans Hands need a break.


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