KBUU Malibu Newswire Fri – Extra Cops Today – Strong El Niño Brewing – Johnny Strange’s Ashes May Be Involved In Felony Stunt – Possible Change In Direction For Malibu Prison – Cause For Malibu `Quake’ May Be Blamed On Elon Musk

Written by on May 12, 2023

Extra cops will be on the streets of Malibu today.

The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department will conduct a special traffic safety operation all day  until 8:30 ton night.

Extra motorcycle and black and white vehicles will be looking for the most dangerous driver behaviors .. which are proven to put the safety of people biking or walking at risk.

Speeding, making illegal turns, failing to yield or provide right of way to bicyclists or pedestrians, or failing to stop for signs and signals.

The special unit is headed by Sergeant Michael Lennig.

He says “Bicyclists and pedestrians have the same rights to the road but face even more risk without the protections vehicles have.”

You ever hear of an unmarked crosswalk???
Most drivers have no idea. 

But extra deputies will be enforcing that law today in extra numbers … in Malibu.

NOA Says Big, Hot El Niño Brewing In Eastern Pacific: 55% Chance It Will Affect Malibu In Dec.

A strong El Nino is brewing in the Pacific. 

In fact… the feds have issued an El Niño watch for the west coast of the United States.

For the first time in 4 years … the eastern Pacific Ocean is showing trends of oscillating into an El Niño extreme.

Nd this may be a big one,

Fedfewral scientists say high levels of above-average oceanic heat content are coupling with the forecast of a westerly wind event in mid-to-late May.

There is a 55 percent chance that a potentially significant El Niño is on the horizon for this summer and this winter.

And a 90n percent chance of … at the least … a mild El Niño. 

Why are we jumping up and down about that?

El Niño’s usually bring rain … torrents of rain.

But those are wintertime events.

What’s weird this year is that the jet stream is so far north … that the summertime monsoon season is pushing into California early.

August like thurndersotmrs are possible next week.

An atmospheric conveyor belt that could reel in rounds of unstable air and moisture toward California from the Gulf of Mexico.

As in … Texas.  

That Gulf of Mexico. 

Those storms almost always peter out before reaching the Malibu area.


But monsoon thunderstorms are possible isn Los Angeles next week.

Land we may be getting a weird El Niño this winter also.

Last winter’s … we got 30 atmospheric rivers that flowed into California .

That may have been the first stage,.

Past large El Niño’s have slammed Malibu with storms that have eroded beaches … cut PCH .and destroyed beachfront houses.

Since 1951, there have been 26 El Niño events.

Rainfall in Southern California averaged 126% of normal in El Ninio years.

But in two of the three very strong El Niños we got massive rain … mudslides … in Malibu

The winters of 1982-83 and 1997-98 were among the wettest in recorded California history, with massive Sierra Nevada snow packs and major flooding.

Search Ends For 3 Souls Aboard Crashed Plane 70 Miles Off Malibu

Rescues crews have suspended their search for three people who were aboard a Learjet that plunged into the Pacific Ocean … 70 miles south of Malibu.

The crash was at 8 Wednesday morning … just off San Clemente island,

The plane was the regular shuttle heading to the island navy base from the Point Mugu Naval Air station. 

The U.S. Coast Guard said its crews along with U.S. Navy, Air Force, and Customs and Border Protection all searched a combined 334 square miles (865 square kilometers) in the vicinity Wednesday.

The names of those presumed dead have not been released.

Johnny Strange’s Alleged Ashes Involved In Alleged Felony: Malibu High Grad Destroys Wrecked Plane To Make Video

Remember Johnny Strange?

He was the Malibu kid who first made the Malibu news 10 years ago … by surfing on top of a car at 50 miles an hour while heading to class at Malibu High School.

He was killed 8 years ago … when he crashed his wing suit into rocks in the Swiss Alps while making a video. 

Now … Johnny Strange has gotten an old friend of his from Malibu High School in trouble.

Another attention freak has been charged with a federal felony … which carries a possible 20 year prison sentence.

Pilot Trevor Jacob – like Strange, a Malibu High product – agreed to plead guilty yesterday to a felony charge of “destruction and concealment with the intent to obstruct a federal investigation,”.”

The US Department off Justice accuses Jacob if deliberately destroying the wreckage of an airplane that he intentionally crashed in Santa Barbara County.

He did it to gain online views … for a video that he had sold a sponsorship.

Before taking off … the plane had been wired with numerous cameras.

At one point … the pilot tells the cameras he is holding up the ashes of his friend Johnny Strange in a baggie.

Or maybe those were ashes from a barbecue … this guy is a confessed liar.

But by using Strange’s name … more clicks.

According to the FAA …  there was plenty of evidence to prove this was an intentional video production in the form of a staged plane crash.

The pilot flew with a parachute on; he opened the pilot door before claiming the engine had failed; he did not attempt to restart the engine, he did not contact air traffic control and he did not glide the plane to find a safe place to land.

And now … a possible 20 federal prison sentence.

Possible Change In Direction For Malibu Prison

LA County has announced yet more changes in the crisis, riddled probation department… And the Malibu prison appears to be in play.

The county probation department is getting yet another new chief.

His name is Guillermo Vieira Rosa …. He has spent 30 years it is described as a leader in the probation and parole field.

A juvenile probation camp above Malibu has been recently converted into a medium security prison for men who committed serious felony crimes, while they were juveniles… But who had “aged out” of the county juvenile system.

These men are between the ages of 18 and 26 and there are a lot of them… Nearly 29,000 aged out, juveniles… Convicted of minor crimes all the way up to murder… Are in county custody.

The most serious offenders were to be moved to campus Kilpatrick… A medium security prison off Mulholland Highway in the mountains above Malibu.

But the counties announcement of a new probation head also says that it will be shuffling around the functions at the various juvenile detention centers and camps.

The county says camp, Barry Jhay, Nidorf … a medium security detention center in the northern San Fernando Valley… Will become the counties new secure youth treatment facility.

That was the rule that Malibu was supposed to fill.

It’s not clear from the counties announcement how the Malibu facility… Formerly called campus Kilpatrick … will fit in to all this.

The probation department is in total chaos… Which department heads coming and going… kids being shuttled around in the middle of the night to avoid state auditors… and a few kids overdosing on drugs tossed over the fence.

Bacteria Blooming At 5 Malibu Beaches

Unusual spring rain has caused bacteria to bloom in some unusual beach locations in Malibu.

The county health department says there are high bacteria levels in the salt water at beaches that usually receive an A score.

Those locations are 

Leo Carrillo Beach

Latigo Shore 

Escondido Beach

Sweetwater Canyon … at Carbon Beach

And Marie Canyon ,.. below Bluffs Park.

Los Angeles County Department of Public health/taxes on small cautions people to avoid swimming surfing and playing in those waters until the bacteria levels decrease.

Unusual springtime rains have flashed a new organic material down the canyons… 

But there’s also been an unusual springtime red tide… which may have added to the bacteria count. 

SMMUSD Board Interviewing Superintendent Candidates

School board members are sorting through a stack of resumes and interviewing candidates this week… candidates to become the new santa monica Malibu school superintendent. 

As is customary… The list of potential hires hires is a secret… We don’t want qualified candidates to shy away by naming them as potential new hires.

Members of the santa monica Malibu school board are doing the interviews. The plan is to have an offer made and excepted… and a new school superintendent ready for a public vote… In early June.

Six months ago… Superintendent, Ben Droddy announced he was taking a job in southern Orange County.

This year’s hiring process is complicated by the pending santa monica Malibu school divorce… Which will carve away 1/7th of the district student and staff into a new Malibu school district.

The former principal of Malibu high school… Mark Kelly… Has been working for years as the school districts assistant superintendent in charge of personnel.

Kelly has been serving as the interim school superintendent since draft he left. It’s not known if he has applied for the full-time job.

KBUU Listeners Discovers Likely Cause Of Wed ‘Quake’ – Blame Elon Musk

Finally today this brilliant deduction.

Two days ago … some people in Malibu say they felt an earthquake.

This was at 1:19 Wednesday afternoon.

It was puzzling … we could not find any earthquake on the California earthquake center Internet pages.

Listener Lisa Yuhasz points out that SpaceX launched a rocket from Vandenberg Space Force Base at 1:09 p.m.,

That would be 110 miles up the coast from Malibu.

It was a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carrying a payload of 51 Starlink satellites into orbit. SpaceX, of course, is owned by stable genius Elon Musk, and is the same company that blew up a chunk of Texas last week when a rocket launch went spectacularly wrong.

The satellites are part of a growing global network providing internet service around the world.

And the booster creates a sonic boom when it re-enters the atmosphere. 

The reusable first stage booster successfully landed on a barge off the coast of Baja California.

And that may be what should Malibu on Wednesday afternoon.

KBUU News Goes On Hiatus Starting Next Wed

This editor’s note …

For the first time in six years … we’re taking a long time off.

Next Tuesday or Wednesday will be the last newscasts for four weeks.

We’ll be around Malibu .. and the radio station will be staffed should emergencies occur.

But the doctor says. … no keyboards our wrists recover.  Composing the newscasts if 4-5 solid hours of typing daily … and the Hans Hands need a break.


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