Photos of Malibu Fire Victims Are Moving – Beyond The Capacity of Radio To Describe

Written by on November 6, 2019

A remarkable healing event … with remarkable art … last night at the Malibu Jewish Community Center and Synagogue.

“Malibu After – Bearing Witness” may be an art show … but more accurately it is a community group therapy.

Photographer Eric Myer has posted 42 gigantic panoramic photos … that he shot amidst the fire wrecked houses of Malibu.

Each photo shows the residents of each house … incredible emotion on their faces … incredible destruction everywhere.

Journalist Jimy Tallal interviewed the fire victims … their words are evocative …

Sound awful??

Not at all … according to the people we talked to at the art show last night.


VOICE ONE: “This is Susan Monus.

“This was the most incredible heart-wrenching experience.

“But the most beautiful artwork that I could not possibly have imagined … that this was what I was going to see when I came here.”

VOICE TWO: “My name is Leo LaPlante.

“I mean looking at the pictures, seeing the pictures, the looks on their face. “They all have the same look.

“I remember that look.

“I had that look.

“It’s very emotional to go back in there and to see everything again.

“It’s a great show … powerful.”

VOICE THREE: “I’m Jim Winberg. It was kind of depressing going in there and looking at the poor people and the ruins of their homes.

“I mean … the degree of loss just really was kind of … was a downer.

“But I think the artistry of the photographer kind of lifts everything up.”

VOICE FOUR: “I’m Kim LeDoux. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

“I was dreading coming.

“I almost didn’t come … and then as soon as I came in the picture and saw the picture of Jennifer and Brian (Pietro) I almost fell apart.

“I walked around… I saw my neighbors up on the …  their house that burned …

And the most amazing thing happened is that all of a sudden it felt very healing and cathartic.

“It felt good and just hugging everybody it felt very healing … it was the opposite of what I thought would happen.”

The work of photographer Eric Myer and reporter Jimy Tallal will be on display from 1 to 8 today only … at the Malibu Jewish Community Center and Synagogue.

That’s on Pacific Coast Highway just west of Pepperdine University.

One day only … today 1 to 8.

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