No Fireworks As Drati Talks About Closing Cabrillo Elementary

Written by on May 15, 2018

Santa Monica school superintendent Ben Drati appeared at the Malibu city council meeting last night … to explain why one of the three elementary schools in Malibu needs to be shut down.

The school District has approved relocating 200 kids from Juan Cabrillo elementary school near Zuma Beach … and shifting them to the Point Dume elementary school . more than doubling the student population there.

There are some complaints near the point doing campus about the added traffic this will bring to the streets there.

But none of that came up at the city council meeting last night.

Mayor Rick Mullen praised the school superintendent for coming up with a plan and convincing the Santa Monica school board to execute it.

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“I am impressed with your ability to turn a large bureaucracy on a dime in a very short period of time.”

The school realignment will happen — not this coming year — but the next.

It will make room for relocating middle school students away from the high school … as Malibu high school is about to undergo a major renovation.

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