Crosswalk Crackdown On PCH Wed

Written by on May 15, 2018

Sheriff’s deputies plan another pedestrian enforcement operation along PCH tomorrow.

But it’s not jaywalking pedestrians that they are looking for.

Rather .. it’s the drivers who whiz through crosswalks as people are in them are the target.

The last operation used decoy pedestrians … sheriffs deputies … walking across the street in marked crosswalks on Pacific Coast Highway.

Drivers were videoed actually speeding up to swerve around the pedestrian.

And they were pulled over by sheriffs deputies down the road.

This will be the the second pedestrian sting operation … in two weeks.

Sheriffs deputies are using a state pedestrian safety grant to pay for the crackdown.

The idea is to generate publicity … that when a pedestrian is in a crosswalk … drivers have to stop.

The sheriffs office has sent out a press release … to publicize tomorrow’s crackdown … on PCH.

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