Malibu-Lost Hills Commander Says National Guard Is One Phone Call Away, Amidst Calabasas Uproar

Written by on June 3, 2020

The acting commander at Malibu-Lost Hills affirms that public safety and officer safety are his number one and number two goals.

He warns that the National Guard can easily be brought in if needed.

And while he “respects” the right to protest, protecting that right does not make his list of top mission goals.

Malibu was under curfew for the third night … and the area was quiet.

Malibu residents are seen alarming messages on their computers … law enforcement talking about threats to communities and promising strong reactions.

The seed for that appears to be across the hill.

Calabasas appears to be the target of a message from the Los Angeles County sheriffs captain at the Malibu lost Hills Sheriff’s station.

An antiracism protest march was scheduled in downtown Calabasas yesterday.

And two students at Calabasas high school have come under fire for posting that Looks like a racist video on tik tok.

The video was posted months ago … but resurfaced in a red hot atmosphere this week.

The acting captain at the Malibu-Lost Hills chef station … Chuck Becerra … posted a message yesterday on social media in both Malibu and Calabasas.

In it … he laid down a strong law and order statement.

Quote …

“As the Unit Commander of Malibu Lost Hills Station, I have two priorities:  Community safety and Officer safety.

“I respect a person’s right to protest, but I will not allow either priority to be compromised. 

“If these “peaceful protests” turn criminal, we will react accordingly and summon a Strike-Force team and/or the National Guard. 

My mission is clear: “No Violence”, “No Looting”, and “No Vandalism.” 


End quote from Acting Captain Chuck Becerra.

You will notice that the words “allowing peaceful protest” do not appear in Becerra’s stated clear mission … and his inference that peaceful protests can compromise community or officer safety.

That fact was noticed by dozens of residents reacting on social media.

At Calabasas High School … the principal said the racist post by the two girls was  unacceptable and will cause the school to pursue immediate disciplinary action.

The entire Calabasas city council signed a statement …. saying that they condemn the sharing of a video featuring two students  … lip-sync’ing and dancing to a song with the N-word in its title.

They said it was “just wrong and shows an egregious lack of empathy and judgment.”

Calabasas Mayor Alicia Weintraub wrote that the city of Calabasas condemns the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis in the strongest way possible.

Quoting now:

“Talking about racism is hard, but as your Mayor I want to be able to have that conversation with our community,” she said.

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