UCLA Howls That Its Baseball Stadium Was Used As An Unsanitary LAPD Jail, Streets Quiet

Written by on June 3, 2020

Protests continued across Southern California on Tuesday.

It was the fifth day demonstrators have taken to the streets to demand racial justice.

Protests centered in downtown Los Angeles … Hollywood … and Hancock Park … at the mayor’s mansion. 

They were completely peaceful.

Police have significantly increased their presence at the protest marches …

Police leaders say their more aggressive tactics in recent nights were made possible by the National Guard’s presence and the LAPD’s decision to mobilize its entire force at once.

But that said … police and National Guard troops have been seen taking knees and otherwise matching their show of force with communication and discourse.

Police also have enforced overnight curfews to sweep streets clear.

Since Friday, nearly 3,000 people in Southern California have been arrested … Booking records reviewed by The Los Angeles Times show the vast majority of those arrested in L.A. County for looting, vandalism and burglary offenses are from here. , seeming to refute perceptions of “outside agitators” coming in to fuel unrest.


U C L A is mad that the Los Angeles police department commandeered its baseball stadium as a temporary jail … to handle arrested protesters and looters.

Witnesses sifgned a letter complaining that L A P D deliberately crowded protesters arrested in downtown Los Angeles and Westwood into sheriff’s buses and brought them to the stadium … which is operated by U C L A under lease from the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs.

The letter says officers did not wear masks and disregarded city … county and federal measures to curb COVID-19 contagion.

UCLA issued in a statement … that said the state university is “troubled by accounts of Jackie Robinson stadium being used as a ‘field jail.’

The university said it would not grant permission should there be a request like this in the future.That story was reported by the L A Times.

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