Deputies And Police Stayed In SM Command Post Too Long, Angry Residents Say – Villanueva Was In Charge

Written by on June 2, 2020

For the second straight night … Malibu and western L A County were very quiet.

There was some scattered looting last night in Hollywood and Van Nuys.

Santa Monica was locked down … quiet.

But residents of Santa Monica are expressing fury that looters were allowed to rummage through shops for a half day … while police surrounded the peaceful protest near the Santa Monica Pier.

An online petition calling for the removal of Santa Monica Police Chief Cynthia Renauld is at 75 hundred signatures and growing this morning.

The petition organizer voiced what was obvious to anyone watching television… the police strategy was to let the city be looted for six hoiurs.

Oliver Greene said on his petition that Santa Monica “can do better.

“After seeing our brave law enforcement officers stand by without strong leadership or overarching strategy to protect themselves, our city, and its citizens, we have to do better.”
The petition says the police chief conducted a blundering press conference that was completely misaligned with the realities of the situation.

Yesterday … spoke at a news conference.


QQQ “Santa Monica had a very difficult day yesterday.

“it was hard for people to watch on TV.

“It was painful for me to watch for my command post.

“It was a little bit more comforting for me to watch when I left the command post … and went out in the downtown area and stood with not only my officers offices … but officers from other agencies … as we did the work that needed to be done.”

And that’s just the problem that sits with the residents in Santa Monica …

Many are saying that the police chief and her force should have left the command post before the city was destroyed.

But it should be pointed out that many of the law enforcement forces in the command post at Santa Monica on Sunday were L A County Sheriff’s deputies.

And the L A County sheriff Alex Villanueva … himself … was at the unified command post in Santa Monica as early as 4 that afternoon.

His deputies were among those clustered at the Third Street Promenade area … as looting continued unabated to the east on Fourth Street.

Villanueva says police and sheriff’s deputies were caught off guard by the nature of the weekend’s looting.


“In terms of second guessing what the response was … what we could’ve or should have done better … this is an entirely different situation … where you have peaceful protesters … and then you have other people that are specifically organizing for the sole purpose of looting.”

In Los Angeles … LAPD Chief Michel Moore apologized to business owners.

88 stores were destroyed by looters on Melrose Avenue alone … plus many more in the Fairfax District.

The police chief said LPAD was were overwhelmed.

Moore said LAPD held back on its initial response se initially to avoid intimidating the peaceful protests, he said.

Eighty-eight buildings on Melrose Avenue alone were destroyed, according to Moore.

But now … the L A P D chief has a petition going to have him fired.

Moore made comments last night … at mayor Eric garcetti’s news conference … that cast a moral equialency between looters in Los Angeles … and the police who killed George Floyd in video in Minneapolis.

Here’s what the L A polic echief said.


“We have people morning the death of this man George Floyd.

“We have people capitalizing.

“His death is on their hands as much as it is on those officers.”

LAPD chief Michael Moore later went back to the podium to walk back that comment.

And he later said he misspoke …

While criticism mounts on the police for what is viewed as a botched response to the looting … officials are rushing to put forth the message that video will be used to track down the criminals.

L A Mayor Eric Garcetti.


“For those who are acting criminally destroying property and stealing … we see you … and the police will arrest you.

“Those who are peacefully protesting … we see you … and thank you.

“The city is stronger because of you.”

And the top prosecutor in Los Angeles County says those cases of arrests Will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

L A County District Attorney Jackie Lacey.


“Looting is a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the facts and circumstances. But I want people to know … that there are consequences for that.

“That you cannot … and should not … go out and loot and steal and set things on fire.”

One of the major complaints about police … coming from demonstrators  … is the lack of civilian oversight of polic edepartmentds in the United States.

That came up again and again in the protest marches … not only in Los angeles … but across the country.

That was not lost on the chair of the LA county Boardof Supervisors … Katherine barger.

There is a Civilian Oversight Commission … but the elected sheriff is ignoring subpoenas that have been serve don hiim … ordering him to submit to review.

Bargerninjcted that into the post riot analysisi yesterday.


“We have a commission in place where each sector of the community is represented on that commission … and are responsible for overseeing and holding law-enforcement accountable.

“Quite frankly I believe that this county has taken a very bold step in creating a task force to oversee as well as a task force that now has a subpoena power and Is ensuring that cases are properly looked into.”

That was a not too subtle dig at LA County Sheriff Alex Villanueva … who has rejected the constitutionality of that civilian oversight commission.

The sheriff has to turned down subpoenas that he testify … and has said that he alone we’ll determine what answers are delivered to the commissions questions and how.

Seventy one percent of L-A County voters cast ballots in favor of giving the Civilian Oversight Commission subpoena power in the last election … a landslide vote seeing as a stinging rebuke to the sheriff.

Being a way that is police chief in Malibu … as well as nearly other 50 cities in Los Angeles county at higher the County Sheriff to be the local police force.

Sunday saw the largest number of arrests so far in Los Angeles County, including 700 in Los Angeles, 73 in Long Beach and more than 400 in Santa Monica. Vandalism and looting in Long Beach and Santa Monica left businesses destroyed in the three cities, including iconic destinations such as Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica and Pine Avenue and The Pike in Long Beach.

The TV news coverage and security video is being looked at by Santa Monica police … and Santa Monica police chief Cynthia Renauld said that video is being scrutinized buy a large team of law-enforcement officers.


This morning when I walked through Santa Monica Place and I went into one of the stores that have been looted … I found a book bag and in that book bag … along with the video tape of the person looting … in that bookbag was the person’s wallet with drivers license matched up to the video tape.

“You know who you are and you will be hearing from Santa Monica Police Department in the coming weeks I can assure you (off mic laughter from another person).”

Renauld … at yesterday’s press conference … vowed that her department would catch those responsible for the coordinated looting at Santa Monica shops.

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