KBUU Newsscript Fri Jan 27 – Coastal Staff Extracts $800,000 From Luxury Hotel Speculator, To Fund Malibu Camping – State Ups Malibu Water Allocation From 5% to 30%, But Keep Conserving – Oil Refinery At LAX Dumps Selenium And Nitrogen Into Bay, Legally – Feds Say No Dice For Diablo Canyon Nuke Permit Shortcuts

Written by on January 27, 2023

This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Monday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 


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Coastal Staff Recommends OK On Luxury Malibu Hotel, If It Donates $800,000 For Malibu Camping Or Other Overnight Access

Coastal Commission staff is recommending an approval for the hotel proposed by developer Norm Haney opposite Billionaire’s Beach in Malibu.

But there’s a catch.

The commission staff says the proposed 39 room luxury hotel does not have any low cost rooms.

And the commission has made a deal with the developer Norm Haney … he will put $800,000 into an escrow account to pay for low cost overnight accommodations somewhere in the Malibu area.

Some eligible group will be able to tap that $800,000 to build their low-cost overnight accommodations… In Malibu or near Malibu.

Where would that be?

California state parks has been looking for money to do some thing with the tapanga Ranch motel… down at Topanga beach.

But that may be years away… As the state is also talking about doing some major earthwork to build a lagoon… And maybe even move PCH to do it.

So what other eligible group might ask for the $800,000?

Maybe the MRCA… The mountains resort and conservation authority.

Executive Director Joe Edmiston is always looking for funds to build campgrounds in the Malibu area… Like the chunk of state land that he controls just west of Malibu Bluffs Park.

Edmiston has plans for the MRCA to grant its self permission to build a 480 bed campground and yurt camping facility on the bluff across from Pepperdine.

It is more than possible that Malibu’s city government… in its haste to try to get overnight hotel tax revenue form Norm Haney’s hotel… may by indirectly causing the campground to be funded.

He needs to deal with the coastal commission does not specify whom will decide what applicant will get the money.

Stay tuned. 


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Malibu May Get 5% Water Allocation From Nor Cal Boosted To 30%

The various water agencies that supply drinking water to Malibu and the region are reacting to good news yesterday.

That’s when state bureaucrats in Sacramento said the recent rains had delivered enough water to slightly open the spigots at the storage reservoirs in Northern California that we rely on. 

Deliveries from the Sacramento Delta via the State Water Project will be increased from just 5 percent of the amount requested … up to 30 percent.

In Malibu … waterworks district 29 officials tell KBUU that yesterday’s announcement by Governor Newsom is great news for the state and the region.

In the Santa Monica mountains north of Malibu city limits … the Las Virgenes Water District is feeling the noose around its neck loosen a bit. 

75,000 people in western Los Angeles County rely on las Virgenes … and they get all of their water from the state aqueduct.

Spokesman Ben McNutt says “Mother Nature is giving us a chance to catch our breath,” said Mike McNutt, a Las Virgenes spokesman.

But both district emphasize the drought is not over … and water conservation is still paramount,.

Las Virgenes os continuing the use of flow restrictors on the water meters of people who use more than their government-calculated water budget allows.

The Las Virgenes district’s general manager says the increased deliveries will “soften some of the harshest water restrictions.” 

But ripping out as many lawns as possible will remain a long-term goal.

Metropolitan Water District’s manager says … “make no mistake, while the recent storms will help alleviate the acute emergency I… Southern California’s water challenges are far from over,” 

Right now … Malibu and much of the L A area are relying on stored Coloradoo River water in Diamond Valley Lake in Riverside County. 

And MWD is “continuing to draw down our largest local reservoir, Diamond Valley Lake, to meet demands” he says.

What’s worse … Southern California’s other major water source, the Colorado River, did not benefit from the atmospheric river storms.

Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office was quick to claim credit for the new water allocations. 

“Thanks to the water captured and stored from recent storms, the state is increasing deliveries to local agencies” … the governor said in a news release. 

“We’ll keep pushing to modernize our water infrastructure to take advantage of these winter storms and prepare communities for the climate-driven extremes of wet and dry ahead.”

A series of nine powerful atmospheric rivers deluged the state since Christmas.

As of Thursday, the statewide snowpack was 216% of normal for the date.

When was the last time that there were full … 100 percent water allocations in California???



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County Measures Elevated Bacteria Counts At Topanga, Corral Beaches

The recent rainfalls have caused elevated bacteria counts at two Malibu area beaches.

The county testing has found bacteria problems at Corral Creek … opposite Malibu Seafood … and at Topanga Beach.

Also … at the mouth of Santa Monica Canyon … down in Pacific Palisades … and the Santa Monica Pier.

It was a massive sewage spill in Ventura County during that January 9th storm.

The only Ventura beaches that are still closed are San Buenaventura State Beach at Kalorama Street, and another section of the state beach at Sanjon Road.

Surfers beware.


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Chevron El Segundo Is Dirtiest Water Polluting Refinery In USA, Scientists Charge

The giant oil refinery just south of LAX dumps more poisons into local waters than any other refinery in the U-S.

And those local waters are the Santa Monica Bay.

Nitrogen and selenium are byproducts of the oil refining process .. and Chevron USA has federal permits to discharge the elements into the Pacific Ocean … from its massive refinery at El Segundo.

Chevron says … those compounds being dumped into the ocean off Manhattan Beach are legal … they have state and federal permits for it.

That’s just the point … says a group of environmentalists.

The federal government has never moved against oil refineries to fully enforce the Clean Water Act … signed by Richard Nixon in 1972… they say. 

Authors of the report about the Chevron pollution in Santa Monica bay are calling on the US government to revise and tighten regulations the permits.

The E P A has the power … but for 50 years has chosen not to act.


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Feds Veto Calif Attempt To Use Shortcut For Licensing At Diablo Canyon Nuke Plants

In news from up the coast .. the operator of California’s last nuclear power plant have been shot down in their last minute request to keep the nuke power flowing.

And the federal government used pointed language to reject the effort. 

Governor Gavin Newsom and Pacificf Gas and Electric are scrambling to suddenly restart the licensing process for the Diable Canyon nuclear power plant… 120 miles up wind of Malibu.

P G and E had planned to shut down the twin nuclear piles at Diablo Canyon … and remove the facility from the coast … near San Luis Obispo.

But Gov. Gavin Newsom suddenly reversed course … and said the nukes should continue to provide California with electricity.

Newsom is struggling to prevent blackouts as the state transitions to solar and other renewable sources.

Diablo Canyon supplies 9 percent of California’s electricity.

In October …  Pacific Gas & Electric asked the federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission to resume consideration of its application to extend the plant’s life.

That application was started 13 years ago … but stopped 7 years ago when PG&E decided it could not turn a profit with nuclear energy.

On Tuesday … the federal scientists bluntly rejected the idea of going back in time to resume consideration of the previous license-extension plan.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission said that “resuming this review would not be consistent with … the Principles of Good Regulation.” 

They want detailed information about the power plant’s current condition.

Diablo Canyon was built 25 years ago with a 25 year design lifespan.

An attorney for the anti-nuclear advocacy group Mothers for Peace, said the utility was attempting to “make an end run around a pretty well established set of regulations and policies.”


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Great Weather Today, Rain Sunday and Monday

A Chamber of Commerce Day … says the weather service.

No winds today.

One Ramirez Canyon resident called the last three days ruthless winds.

Yesterday morning … a mountaintop east of Santa Clarita clocked a 112 mph gust at about 9 a.m.

The top observed windspeed in Malibu area was 70 miles an hour at a gauge near Boney Mountain.

But those gusts pretty much petered out by 11 last night.

Sunny skies and near normal temperatures will be the order of the day today. 

Nice but cooling tomorrow. 

Much cooler temperatures are expected by Sunday … with a chance of light rain Sunday.

Maybe a half inch of rain by Monday.


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