Grudge Match Leads To Car Crash And Gunfire In Downtown SM – Venice Homeless Number Grows 32% – Google Me This: ‘Jobless Message Therapist’ – Malibu Wedding Venue Rips Off Wedding Chapel, Church Claims

Written by on January 26, 2023

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RAND Study Says Venice Homeless Count Is Up 32 Percent

The annual countywide homeless count is underway this week … but a parallel count by the RAND Corporation has found a big increase in unhoused people on the Westside of L-A.

The number of unhoused people was up 32 percent in Venice.

The increases were 14.5 percent in Hollywood and 13 percent in downtown’s Skid Row… according to the new RAND Corporation report. 

Among more than 400 unhoused people surveyed by researchers during the first six months of the project.

Nearly 80 percent reported being continuously homeless for over a year.

57 percent reported being continuously homeless for more than three years. 

And about half of the sample reported a chronic health and/or mental health condition.

Many homeless persons in Malibu are known to circulate to the homeless camps in Venice and downtown L-A.

The Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority is conducting its county-wide homeless count this week.

Last year … it managed to count zero homeless persons in Venice.

The county says it has fixed the counting errors this year.

The RAND study says their work shows the county needs to do a better job, and survey the problem more often.

A RAND study last May found that around 80 percent of the unhoused people surveyed said that they would accept a private room in a shelter or hotel, a permanent stay in a motel- or hotel-like setting, or permanent supportive housing. 


Driver Rams Other Car, Driver Shoots Driver, Both Men Arrested 

Two men have been arrested for attempted murder in connection with that traffic crash … and shooting … in the middle of downtown Santa Monica two days ago.

The suspects are identified by police as Manuel Jaramillo-Heredia, a 52-year-old man from Inglewood, and Emilio Reyes a 43-year-old man from Los Angeles.

The shooting victim was in his van near 6th and Broadway at about 3:42 p.m. Monday.

Reyes appeared to have a gunshot wound to his upper arm.

There was some sort of ongoing conflict and the suspect and victim happened to drive by each other Tuesday afternoon. 

An argument ensued and it appears Manuel Jaramillo fired an initial shot into Reyes’ vehicle while the cars were side by side. 

Jaramillo’s van ran into the curb and stopped … 

Reyes then came around and intentionally rammed his SUV into Jaramillo’s van …. prompting Jaramillo to fire several more rounds.

Reyes was taken to a local hospital with a non-life-threatening injury and was subsequently discharged. 

The handgun used by Jaramillo was recovered, and both vehicles were towed. 

There are no outstanding suspects.


Beaches Closed At And Next To Marina del Rey After 64k Gallon Sopill

64,000 gallons of untreated sewage spilled into Marina del Rey this week.

A sewage main near Admiralty Way at Palawan Way … at the northern side of the harbor.

Several beaches were closed yesterday.

Mother’s Beach in the Marina was closed … as was Venice north of the breakwater and Dockweiler Beach near LAX. 


Public Works Commissioners Welcome Idea Of Public Art, Maybe Entry Signs, In Malibu Areas

Malibu may start installing neighborhood signs .. or public art … across the city.

A fine idea … was the conclusion from the City’s Public Works commission yesterday.

Neighborhood identity signs … landscaped walkways … things like that.

One commissioner … Mica Belzberg … 


“I mean it’s a great idea. I really like the city and the people of the city collaborating to come up with a plan for making something better. So that the city people are happier and the city has a relationship with the people who are living in the city.”

Not everyone may think that is a good idea. 

Past plans for installations of public art were shot down in flames.

There is a significant population in Malibu who like things just the way they were when the moved here.

There was even a loud buzzing of disapproval when the center median on Pacific Coast Highway had its weeds replaced with flowers back in the 1990s.

Public Works Commission chairman Wade Major said the idea needs a lot of discussion … lest anyone object to a surprise.


“I do think we have to be careful of setting some very clear rules so that neighbors don’t step on neighbors so that right of way issues between private and public are addressed.

“You could get into a lot of neighborhood feuds if this is not clearly outlined where the rules are.”


5-Year City Construction Plan Review Starts With Talk About Fixing Malibu’s Crashiest Corner

Malibu’s city government plans some major construction projects in the next few years.

City public works director Rob Du Boux says his office has been able to get Metro design money to start planning a pedestrian underpass next to Malibu Seafood.

Caltrans has abandoned its efforts to put in a traffic light at the beach there … but dozens of people everyday take their lives into their hands crossing the 60 mile an hour traffic at th bottom of the hill.

Other projects include beginning design work to rebuild Malibu’s crashiest intersection. … the tandem traffic lights at PCH Las Flores and PCH Rambla Pacifico.


“The PCH at Las Flores intersection improvements. This is another Metro-funded project that we have on the books… that we’ll have mproving that intersection at Romola Pacifico in Las Flores.”

That pair of tandem traffic lights has the most crashes of any intersection in the city.

Among other future plans …moving an Edison pole that blocks the view on Harbor Vista turning onto Malibu Canyon Road.

And an important safety project is about to start on Malibu Canyon Road.


“On coral canyon there’s a side of the road embankment that’s actually failing that’s peeling and we need to repair that so that we don’t lose any part of the road in a major storm.”

And DuBoux says extending a walkway form the Malibu Park neighborhood down to Zuma Beach should also be looked at,


“On Guernsey Avenue from Morning view there is a DG pathway that goes down about halfway and then stops. That walkway should be continued down to PCH at Guernsey so there should be some sort of walkway there.”

City public works director Rob DuBoux … speaking at yesterday’s Public Works Commission meeting,

Already underway … about to go out to bid … is hooking up and coordinating the traffic lights in the eastern half of the city … from Pepperdine to Topanga Beach.


Calamigos Ripped Off Wayfarer Chapel, Lawsuit Claims

A Malibu wedding venue in the hills has been sued by a landmark wedding venue for copyright infringement … 

The Wayfarers Chapel … on the Palos Verdes peninsula … filed a federal court lawsuit yesterday against Calamigos Ranch … alleging trademark and trade dress infringement.

The religious group that owns the Wayfarers Chapel accuse Calamigos of intentionally copying the landmark architecture of the Wayfarer’s Chapel… 

“The similarities and near-identical nature of the trade dress configurations and ‘packaging’ are undeniable.”claioms the lawsuit. 

The Wayfarers Chapel … known as the Glass Church … was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright Jr. in the late 1940s. 

It has a unique design … including glass walls … arched gable trusses … and a huge circular window behind the altar.

And side by side pictures of the very unique church in Palos Verdes … and the wedding venue off Kanan-Dume Road … show striking similarities. 

The chapel said it has also incorporated these trademark architectural designs in its logo, which it uses to market its services.

It’s owner says it lost out on a lucrative film shoot because the ad agency booked Calamigos Ranch to film a beer commercial. 

This … Calamigos Ranch’s use of a similar design for its Oaks Room wedding venue amounts to unfairly competition … intended to steal its business.

Wayfarers is asking for a permanent injunction against Calamigos … triple damages, profits, costs, attorneys’ fees and punitive damages.

No public comment yet from Calamigos.

This story is based on original reporting by Courthouse News Service.


At least one message therapist in Marina del Rey is out of work … after Google announced it will lay off 12 thousand employees around the world.

That equals six percent of its worldwide workforce … and that means 177 Google employees at Marina del Rey are getting pink slips.

Across all of California … 1,800 jobs are getting pink slips in this … the biggest round of layoffs ever at Google and its parent company … Alphabet. 

The Bay Area took some huge job cuts.

1,436 jobs were cut in Mountain View, where Google is based..

119 jobs were cut at Google’s You Tube subsidiary in San Bruno, home to YouTube. 

And the Palo Alto office saw 53 cuts. 

There were 60 cuts in Irvine.

Again … 177 Google jobs cut in L-A.

Three message therapists in L-A and Irvine are looking for work … presumably … their you can find them at Google. 



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