KBUU News Wed Mar 15 – Council Likes Outdoor Eating, But Not Parking Lot Jams And Crowds – Presto! Malibu Has A New Deputy City Manager, Interim – SM Attraction May Draw 1 Million Tourists/Year

Written by on March 15, 2023

This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Wednesday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 


City Council Likes Eating Outdoors, But Not Parking Or Crowd Problems

Seventeen restaurants in Malibu have moved tables from indoors … to outdoors.

All this al fresco dining was .. of course .. due to covid.

The outdoor dining permits will expire 90 days after the city ends its state of emergency … and that will be sometime this summer.

Somer people in Malibu really like them.

Howard Rudzkie spod up for al fresco seating … at Monday night’s city conical meeting.


“This is something that most of us residents really like … to be able to sit out on a nice night …have a meal and … you’ll have some friends at the restaurant and just have a good time and you know …  be with our community.”

But like in every city in the U S … there are some problems with the outdoor dining area. 

City Planning Director Richard Mollica. 


“In some cases … outdoor structures were built and the structures have not received a formal review by our building official.

“The importance of that is … one … we don’t know about the structural integrity of the structures  … how they were put together.

“And we also don’t know how they comply with the state’s accessibility requirements.”

None of them complying with city rules that require barriers against cars … or sufficient parking. 

And that’s a problem … says Doug Stewart.


“I think we’ve got to make sure there was an adequate parking. If we add in 15 more covers or 30 more covers there needs to be more consideration for the parking.”

And there are other problems.

The Coastal Commission has ruled … in a San Diego case … that outdoor seating areas need to replace all parking places that they displace.

And councilman Steve Uhring says … some Malibu restaurants have added outdoor seating without reducing indoor seating.

NEWSCART A73999 PARKLETS UHRING where they move seats us

“I have been in some of these restaurants where not only did they move seats outside for dining, but then they increased the number of seats they had indoors also.  So there was a net increase of seating for more than one of the restaurants that I’ve been in.

I mean we’ve got to be careful.  If end up with no parking, somebody’s gonna start complaining and God knows what that’s gonna take us.”

The bottom line … city staff and the city council’s zoning committee will have some work to come up with a plan … to juggle the needs for parking … zoning … and keeping the restaurants in business.


Malibu Suddenly Gets A New Deputy City Manager, Interim


Malibu has a new interim deputy city manager …Rob Houston has been working at city hall since January.

His hiring was not announced.

He just suddenly appeared … 4 hours and 45 minutes into the Malibu city council meeting on Monday night.


MAYOR SILVERSTEIN: “that takes us to old business. Who’s going to give us a STAFF report on this?”

ROB HOUSTON: “Um, hi there, it’s Rob Houston.”

SILVERSTEIN: “Welcome Rob. Have you been introduced to the public yet?”

HOUSTON: “Some of the public. I don’t think … not during a meeting though.”

SILVERSTEIN: “Why don’t you introduce yourself so people who are watching know who you are.”

HOUSTON: “Certainly. Um, hi Malibu. Rob Houston. I am the deputy city manager, interim, helping out with city projects. 

“I joined the city in January, worked closely with city manager (Steve) McClary and assistant city manager (Joseph) Tony, as well as the leadership team.

“I’ve met some of the council ,got to meet many of you in working on projects, and I’m really enjoying a chance to serve the great community of Malibu.”

Houston apparently joined the city in late January as deputy interim city manager … but his hiring was not revealed until late in a meeting in mid March. 

There was no announcement.

No press release. 

What is Rob Houston’s role at city hall?

How much is he being paid?

When was the decision made to hire an interim deputy city manager?

Was there a vote of the city council?

We have not seen anything on that.

A year ago … Houston was hired as the city manager … down in the City of Orange … on a three year contract.

He resigned after seven months … no explanation.

Before that … Houston was the city manager in Fountain Valley. 


At Monday night’s meeting … Houston made his first appearance … 

The new interim assistant city manager said final arrangements are being put in place for a new center for hiring day workers … near the new Malibu College campus.

The city is using federal block grant money to replace the three-decade old trailer … used by the Malibu Labor Exchange.

In order to add a washroom and bring the facility up to modern standards… It’s gonna cost more than a half million dollars.

Houston said the Santa Monica College campus… Next door… Is leading the way in setting up the new Malibu labor exchange building.


Prepare For One Million Additional Tourists In Downtown Santa Monica

In news from down the coast … Santa Monica Place is looking pretty sad these days.

The movie theaters are closed for good.

The third floor food court …. Partly walled off and not doing much business.

Foot traffic is pretty low.

The developer … the Macerich Company … is planning yet another remake.

Two major attractions are being brought in.

An immersive, digital art destination” is being installed in the pace that used to be the ArcLight Cinemas.

It’s big … 50 thousand square feet.

Its called the Arte Museum.

The Santa Monica daily Press reports that the Arte Museum is from Korea’s world-class digital design company d’strict. 

They built Korea’s largest immersive media art exhibition  … at a convention center in Seoul.\

If features a colossal computer-generated “Wave” 

The Arte Museum is set to open Set to open in early 2024 and is expected to draw one million visitors annually to Santa Monica Place shopping mall … the Daily Press newspaper says.

And next to it … a 10 thousand square foot dumpling factory is open order.

This will be a huge branch of the celebrated Chinese restaurant chain Din Tai Fung.

Din Tai Fung is a Chinese restaurant specializing in Xiao Long Bao, or soup dumplings. 

The chain currently 160 or so locations in 12 other countries worldwide. 

With a menu that now includes steamed buns, house-made noodles and vegan dishes.


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