Horvath Comes Out In Favor Of Malibu-Area Prison, Wants Up To 42 Serious Offenders Held On Encinal Cyn Rd

Written by on March 17, 2023

Malibu’s new county supervisor has revealed where she stands on the Malibu young mens’ prison … she wants Campus Kirkpatrick expanded.

Lindsay Horvath wants the medium-security lockup on Encinal Canyon Road to house between 20 to 42 long-term serious offenders.  And don’t call it a juvenile campus anymore … she wants it called a “Secure Youth Treatment Facility.”

L A County’s juvenile corrections system is in a state of crisis.  The new probation department head has been fired.   And the assistant head is in charge … she has been recommended to be fired as well.

The state prison agency is handing off responsibility for offenders … in their 20s  … serious criminals … out of the state prison system and back to the counties.

And right in the middle of this mess is Malibu’s Campus Kirkpatrick .. a former youth offenders school that has transformed into a low security prison for men who were boys when they committed murder… rape or other violent felonies. 

Malibu has been fighting the creation of what is in effect a medium security prison … tucked away in the trees off Mulholland Highway at Encinal Canyon Road.

Now … the county Board of Supervisors is demanding that leadership at the battered Probation Department come up with a written plan within 15 days.

Supervisor Lindsay Horvath represents the western one fifth of LA County … including Malibu.  She and another supervisor have authored a plan they call “Care First, Jails Last: Holding the Probation Department Accountable and Advancing Youth Justice Reimagined.”

In a report issued yesterday … Horvath says she wants security enhancements at the prison in Malibu …. called Campus Kirkpatrick … to be expedited.  The supervisor wants what she calls a Secure Youth Treatment Facility .. to be created with special guards and teachers.  

Horvath and fellow supervisor Holly Mitchell have a long list of demands of the probation department and other county agencies.

They want a report in 45 days with a proposed concept for Safe and Secure Healing Centers  … to serve kids both before and after their court hearings …. A change from the current juvenile hall and camp system.

The entire board of supervisors  will consider and vote on the Horvath/Mitchell proposals next week.

WSe’ve asked Horvath’s office for comment, and have received no reply.

But any local hopes that the new county supervisor representing Malibu … would favor removing hardened criminals from the Malibu youth prison … are over.

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