KBUU News Tues March 14 – Storm Moving In – ‘Basically, Plants In Pots Only’ Within 5 Feet Of Structures – City Reports Limited Progress In School District Divorce – Gigantic Traffic Jams This Weekend On PCH At Mugu, Thunderbirds and Blue Angels In The Sky

Written by on March 14, 2023

Storms Moving In, 4 Inches Of Rain Possible In Malibu

Malibu has so far escaped pretty much unharmed from the series of storms that have been so brutal in the high country this winter,.

That may change today.

We could get four inches of rain by tomorrow (Wed) morning.

Between 4 to 8 inches of rain are possible in the mountain areas …. About half that much in the coastal plain … and Malibu is right in the middle of that. 

Peak rainfall rates are still advertised to range between 0.50 and 1.00 inch.

There are some evacuation orders issued in Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties… those do not affect the Malibu area.

The Ventura danger areas are along highway 33 in the Ojai area.

And one street in Camarillo … where a hillside storm drain failed last week.

And guess what … another atmospheric river is likely to slosh into Malibu toward the middle portion of the next week.

Computer runs indicate this storm may be a little wetter … another atmospheric river type system with a decent subtropical tap. 

But the ling long long range forecasts indicate this could potentially be the last gasp for this epic  rain season a….

Maybe only one or two more storms later this month. 


‘Zone Zero’ May Mean Potted Plants Only Within 5 Feet Of Structures in 2024

State officials may ban all landscaping … including landscape bushes and trees … within 5 feet of houses in Malibu and other very high fire risk areas,.

L A County fire officials appeared before the Malibu city council last night to say a new state law … as enforced by a state forestry the next to houses will likely become illegal in California …

The new law and rules is pretty much “plants in pots only” in Zone Zero … the five feet envelope around a building.  The final regulations are still being approved … however.

Ron Durbin … the fire chief for the forestry division … says the state panel has come up with rules designed to prevent fire from spreading from landscaping to houses. 


“I’ve seen the draft it’s very very restrictive. Almost no plants at all. 

“Turf, grass and then plants in pots essentially from what I’ve seen. 

“Everything else in terms of plants it’s basically going to be non-compliant.”

The state is also going to lay down the law on trees next to houses. 


“There are some caveats for trees.  The trees need to be … if they’re inside the first 5 feet … they have to be lived up over the top of the roof.

“The current requirement is 5 feet over the top of the roof line… Zone Zero would be 10 feet over the top of the roof line.”

Wood fences that come off of houses will also be banned. 

The fire chief for forestry … Ron Durbin … also warned that wooden fences attaching to houses will be a no-no… when the rules take effect in a year. 

But wooden decks will be ok.


“The wood decks are considered part of the structure, and it (the vegetation ban) would be 5 feet outside of the deck.

“And but it also does include any included any vegetation that’s underneath, like if you have a deck that is cantilevered. But the deck itself is considered part of the structure.”

Once that happens … during the annual fire inspections …the county agriculture department may order the removal on bushes and trees within 5 feet of any structure.

And fines could be tacked onto property tax bills for homeowners who refuse to comply. 

The law is in effect now… But the title regulations won’t take affect until after the state forestry commission enacts final regulations.

Safe to say… You are going to be hearing a lot about zone zero.


City Money Safe In The Banks, Ex-Banker Councilman Says

Malibu money is safe … even as two small banks have failed and been taken over by the federal government. 

The collapse of Silicon Valley Bank has left major depositors … like some cities … reliant on the federal bailout announced by there president yesterday.

Even is Malibu had money in Silicon Valley Bank … the city is protected by the way it sets up accounts … 

That’s the word from one city council member … Doing Stewarts … a retired investment ba Ker who keeps a close eye on the city’s cash.


“The situation probably highlights the importance of the city’s investment policy. 

“One of the things that’s in there and I want to mention this is about bank deposits. State law requires – and we are fairly confident , we are double checking and double checking – that all the deposits with the bank are collateralized with government securities. So the $250,000 deposit money does not apply to cover deposits like we have with our banks.

“So that concern is off the table with us.”

Rising interest rates are a mixed bag for the city … which does get higher interest payments on its cash kept int he financial securities market.

But it also increases the cost for money borrowed by the city on major purchases … like the city Hall and Legacy park bonds.


City Reports Slow Progress, But Progress Nonetheless, On New District

Slow progress on prying Malibu out of the Santa Monica school district.

That’s the word front era city’s assistant city attorney handling the divorce case. 

The city and school district last December announced a time frame … to deliver 

BUU has been keeping track … and those “deliverables” were supposed to come in December …. January and next week,.

They haven’t been delivered.

Attorney Christine Wood.


“That term sheet that we entered into in November identifies three deliverables that the city and the district are working on to finalize. We have been working diligently on those deliverables. 

“The parties have drafted basically the revenue sharing agreement and the parties have outlined the operational agreement. 

“We have not, in full disclosure, started the draft of the JPA but anticipate doing that within the next few weeks.”

The JPA is the Joint Powers Agreement … a contract between the school district and the city to jointly govern the Malibu schools during the transition… which may take a couple of years. 

But negotiations on the financial deal are done … and that is a huge accomplishment. 

Even one prominent doubter … councilman Bruce Silverstein … may be coming around,. 


“You know … I took heat back in December for saying that I thought that the agreement … the memorandum of understanding … was political theater. 

“I am also going to remain cautiously optimistic … that that is not the case and that we are actually making progress … 

We have received updates and it sounds like things are moving … not as quickly as we would like them to ….but they are moving.”

A mediator will meet with both sides next week … as the divorce talks between Malibu and Santa Monica are a bit behind schedule … but moving. 


PCH Traffic Jams Possible This Weekend, As Pt Mugu Air Show Will Thrill 125,000+

The Point Mugu Air show will be back this weekend … and you can expect unusual traffic both in the air and on PCH.

And don’t even think about using Las Posas Road. 

Naval Base Ventura County is expecting about 125,000 people Saturday and Sunday.

And many of them will use PCH through Malibu to get to the show,

And in the air …  the Point Mugu air show will be the first time that the Navy’s Blue Angels and the AIR FORCE’S Thunderbirds will perform together in years.

In fact … it’s only the third time U S history that the Blue Angeles and Thurderbirds have flown at the same show.

Here;’s what you need to know about the local impact of this.

The Las Posas Road off-ramps at PCH will be closed early in the morning … next Saturday and Sunday.

All traffic heading to the air show will be funneled off the freeway at Word Road.

That will doubtlessly create a gigantic traffic jam … of people heading from LA up the coast to Point Mugu.

No parking onto e freeway … but you can expect the two lane highway near the point to be an absolute madhouse.

Ventura County residents have been warned to expect to hear significant aircraft noise during the even.

There is no word how far east … towards Malibu … will get loud aircraft.

In fact … there will be additional air traffic on Thursday and Friday for smaller, private demonstrations.

PCH will get extremely heavy traffic load this weekend in Malibu.

The 101 also will be jammed.

If your business or pleasure takes you north … up the coast … consider the scenic San Joaquin Valley instead. 

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