If SCE Knows Why Power Went Out For 19 Hours, They Are Still Not Saying

Written by on November 7, 2020

Southern California Edison admits it did a poor job communicating about last week’s major power outage … in Malibu.

And the company says it should not have sent out a warning of a pending intentional blackout to an area … that had already been blacked out accidentally.

But still … no explanation why the power failed in Malibu for 19 hours a week ago Monday.

Edison spokesman Rudy Gonzales spoke at the city council meeting Thursday night.


“So there was some confusion about the notifications that went out to the community and to the city.

“And I am just here tonight to communicate to you that we will do a better job in communicating both about emergency outages and about outages related about Public Safety Power Shutoffs.”

Edison spokesman Rudy Gonzales.

You will notice he did not say -why- they power failed for 19 hours for one third of the city.

In fact … the power company is telling Malibu they don’t know what caused the system to short out.

Edison does know what major components it had to replace at the Latigo Canyon substation … where crews were working all night after explosions were heard in Latigo Canyon.

As for that … the power company is not talking … communicating … for revealing anything.

One third of Malibu was blacked out for 19 hours during a moderate windstorm…. and the power company has yet to provide any explanation for what flashed over.

It’s the second power outage this fall … where Edison has bot been able to track down what actually failed … causing western Malibu to go dark.

At least … publicly disclose what happened.

In San Francisco … a spokeswoman for the California Public Utilities Commission says the two outages are  -not- being investigated.

They do not meet the minimum standards to trigger a probe by the CPUC’s Safey Enforcement Division.

Malibu has a failure rate … number of blackouts … that’s 2 point 5 times the Edison average for its service area.

And western Malibu has a worse breakdown breakout than the city average.

Not only do we have more blackouts … they last longer.

Blackouts in Malibu last four times longer … than the Edison company-wide average.

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