Second Fancy Car Company “Establishment” To Move In On Cross Creek Road – But Don’t Call It A Dealership

Written by on November 7, 2020

Malibu is getting its very own auto row.

A very tasteful and restrained auto row … but an auto row.

First … Audi quietly opened up some sort of top secret research and design and showroom facility at an old office building … tucked up Cross Creek road  just before the entrance gate to the Serra Estates.

Now … Tesla has plans to open a small showroom next door … in the Park at Cross Creek.

Don’t call it a showroom.

Tesla has the city describing it as an “establishment.”

It will offer vehicle education, sale of vehicle accessories and a product showroom.

Ah … a showroom.

Test drives at the “establishment” will be by appointment only during store hours.

The city description says … mysteriously … that the Tesla vehicles “will not be utilizing required parking.”

Apparently … they will hover in the area.

Or …. their robot drivers will circle Downtown Malibu waiting for customers to arrive … via appointment only.

The Tesla “establishment” will get a cursory kick of the tires by the Planning Commission in a week.

But the deal is a test drive … it appears that Tesla does not need city approval to establish itself int he shopping center.

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