Drati Compares Malibu Independent District Drive To Biden/Trump Camps

Written by on November 7, 2020

Santa Monica school superintendent Ben Drati addressed his constituents in Santa Monica and Malibu Thursday night.

And he said the drive to bring a separate Malibu school district into reality reminds him of the nation’s deep divisions over the Presidential race.

And it’s not hard to read this as comparing the Malibu Independence effort … to the Trump campaign.

Or the Biden campaign.

You be the judge.


“I cannot help but think about the deep division that persists within our nation.

“These divisions have hurt our nation’s ability to successfully move us all forward … while also undermining what has made us a beacon of hope for the rest of the world.

“There is no denying that the conversations as to how to create two new equitable school districts in Malibu and in Santa Monica is both emotional and complex.

“I know that when there are discussions about how to divide resources … it is quite instinctual l for people to feel that have to he’ll that they have to defend their territory and positions.

“However … the fundamental problem with allowing our instincts to lead is that it does not allow for new points of view to have a fair opportunity to be heard and analyzed. furthermore it creates the risk of creating a deeper divide that risk hurting people we are all committed to support. As a community we are all at a crossroads.

“Do we come together and have a difficult discussion that if done correctly ensures that none of our students are negatively affected in the long run?

“Or do we take a page from the national conversation and separate into camps?”

District superintendent Ben Drati …

Dis his prepared remarks just compare Malibu’s school district independence efforts … to the camps dividing our nation?

The gloves are off … says one Malibu official.

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