Feldman Job Review Up For Review At 4:30 – Mask Fine Ordinance Up Again Later Tonight

Written by on October 12, 2020

Malibu city manager Reva Feldman will get her annual job performance review from her bosses .. the city council … this afternoon.

Barring a seismic occurrence … it’s expected she will get a contract extension and possibly a pay raise.

Feldman is paid more than a third of a million dollars a year in salary and benefits by the city … to act as chief executive officer for a staff of about 100 people.

There is the usual campaign year grousing from some of the city council candidates … who voice resentment that Feldman’s contract is being renewed by a city council that is going to be replaced in a month … when three new members will be elected.

The long agendas … actually two of them …  starts with the special closed door meeting on Feldman at 4:30 this afternoon.

And yes … the public is allowed to comment on Feldman at that time.

But the meeting will be behind closed doors…. or that is to say … in a Zoomroom that is off limits to the public.

And there will be a report on what the city council decided … when they emerge for tonight’s public meeting … which starts at 6:30 on the Internet.

Several major issues that we’ve already reported on … in more depth … are on the agenda tonight.

You might recall a month ago … when the Malibu city council did not have enough yes votes on requiring masks in public … under threat of a fine.

They council needed four yes votes to pass the mask ordinance with an urgency clause.

But two city council members said they were in agreement with a construction worker and noted skateboarder …. who has appeared before the city council for months to rail against COVID 19 closures.

You might recall a month ago … when Patterson said the national death toll is made up … COVID is not as big threat as an economic shutdown is … and the mask order is just the nanny state.


“There has not been 180,000 deaths from COVID.

“There’ve been 10,000 directly attributed to COVID and that’s according to the CDC.

“Ninety six percent of those other deaths are attributed to comorbidity …meaning at least they had two or more additional conditions that lead to their death.”

Why do we keep broadcasting this guy?

Because that specific argument was mentioned by two city councilmen one month ago.

More than just once … in fact … by one city councilman.

Two more yes votes were necessary to pass th emask fine ordiannce with an urgency tag .. to have it tale effect immediately.

Skylar Peak was one of them.


“I’m sort of comfortable with the county ordinance the way it is. I think Hamish brings up a couple of really good points here.”

And then there was Rick Mullen.

He’s running for a second term.

And a month ago … he said …


“I will agree with a lot of things that Hamish said … there’s a lot of compliance out there.

“If you go to the grocery store everyone’s wearing a mask where they’re supposed to.”

At Saturday’s debate … Mullen again said he will vote no on fines for masks.

Te ordinance before the county council tonight has been tweaked a little … and stripped of its urgency clause.

Unless Skylar Peak changes his mind tonight … the mask fine ordinance will pass … but not go into effect for about a month.

that means Malibu will continue to be under the county order to wear masks in public … but there will be zero enforcement of that rule.

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