Malibu’s 8 Candidates Differ On 35-MPH Speed Limit At Deadly PCH Corner

Written by on October 12, 2020

Two debates last weekend,

That’s four hours of sound and fury.

We’re concentrating on one issue today.

It’s been one week since Michael Bennet of Malibu was killed along Pacific Coast Highway.

No arrests have been publicized.

The death infuriated some people … who met the very next day to discuss lowering the speed limit from 45 to 35 at that set of curves .. driveways … traffic signals and pylons.

So that leads to the question to the city council candidates.

Would you at this time commit to a 35 mile per hour speed limit at lasFlores Canyon Road .. at th pier … and other pinch points.

Candidate Andy Lyon would not commit to that.


“We need to be able to place the sheriffs where we want.

“If we had sheriff’s down really focused and visible down (at) Las Flores coming in … we would see that slow down.”

Supporting a 35 mile per hour speed limit … but doubting it is possible … Paul Grisanti.


“A lower speed lint would be great.

“The only problem we have is dealing with Caltrans.

“If you have an idea for me about how to get their attention I would be delighted.”

Candidate Steve Uhring wants to learn more about slowing P C H traffic.


“I agree.

“If we can find a way to reduce the speed limit I am all for it.

“But in theirs case I am going to go with all of us are smarter than one of us.

I need to find someone smarter than me to find a way to get that done.”

But candidate Lance Simmens has been campaigning on a controversial plan … to reengineer PCH in eastern Malibu as a boulevard with bike lanes … a median … and slow speeds.


“With the reduction in the sped limit and the synchronization of the lights which is going to take place we can increase the flow and release the speed. And with the of course comes the reduction in traffic noise … improving in air quality …”

Another city council candidate who has been campaigning on the issue of reducing PCH sped limits is Bruce Silverstein


“I was the only person earlier who said we need to work on getting the speed limit reduced on PCH … which is basically our residential street.

“There are portions of PCH outside Malibu that have speed limits off 25 miles per hour … multiple portions have speed limits of 35 miles per hour … and we should be no different.”

Candidate Mark Wetton says lower speed limits are a good idea … not just down by the pier or at Las Flores.


“I will go along with the fact that we should recede the speed limit through the center of town.

“I was talking earlier in my campaign the section of road along Corral beach.

“That’s where I see huge problems.”

And candidate Doug Stewart says 35 miles an hour may be too slow.


“I don’t know if we can to 35 but the speed limit still needs to come down..

“As far as some of these intersections … absolutely need to be addressed.

“I know the one at Las Flores … Carol Randall worked on that 19 years ago.

“And she got absolutely nowhere with Caltrans on that.

“But that doesn’t we have to give that up.

“We have to get that one fixed.”

The incumbent … Rick Mullen … has been on the city council for four years.

And we have seen no move from him to lower the speed limit on PCH.


“I am in favor of considering speed reduction along dangerous points … I do not have any problem with that at all.

“But I do think that that particular dual intersection there needs to be re-engineered.”

The candidates also had a debate Sunday on environmental issues.

We’ll cover that debate later this week.

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