Caltrans Says City Is OK With 2 New PCH Signals

Written by on June 14, 2019

Caltrans officials say they will install two traffic lights in Malibu .. whether Malibu wants them or not.

The state agency has told KBUU News that signals will be installed in front of the Malibu Beach Inn … and near Malibu Seafood at Corral Beach …

As for the controversial signal at Malibu Beach Inn…. the hotel wants to put its parking lot across the highway …

Caltrans tells KBUU that the signal will be installed because the The City of Malibu concurred with the installation of this pedestrian signal.”

That’s a quote.

And that’s also in dispute.

The city Planning Commission has rejected the plan.

It’s on appeal to the city council … where it also most likely that the plan will be rejected.

Caltrans also tells KBUU news that the new pedestrian traffic light cannot be synchronized with the existing traffi clights within sight … very close.,

The new signal at the Malibu Beach Inn will will only operates when a pedestrian pusges the button to cross.

That means this light will not be coordinated with the signals 480 feet west, and about 1200 feet east, even after the city’s traffic light synchronization project.=

Caltrans also tells KBUU in a statement released yesterday … that “the City of Malibu (has) concurred with the installation of the pedestrian signal” at Malibu Seafood.

That’s at odds with what we heard.

A public hearing elicited significant opposiiton … and city council members have spoken against its installation.

We’ve asked the city manager if the city has concurred with that traffic light … at the bottom of the hill near Corral beach.

No reply yet.

The final word from Caltrans may be … that it does not matter what the City of Malibu wants.

Says Caltrans … and we quote … “Although input from local agencies is welcome and considered, the final decision is the responsibility of Caltrans.”

And Caltrans has decided … 2 new traffic lights on P C H… neither of them synchronized.

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