3 Malibu Lame Ducks Will Sit On City Issues Thursday

Written by on November 4, 2020

Three lame duck Malibu city council members will vote on some important matters tomorrow.

Rick Mullen was defeated … trounced really … in his re-election bid.

And Skylar Peak and Jefferson Wagner have both served two terms.

The city’s voters approved term  limits nearly two decades ago.

Although Maloibu voters … early during our city’s hisotry … kept voting the same people into office … one candidate realized the only way to oust them wws to limit the number of terms they may serve.

It worked … the voters pproved the popualr idea of term limits.

So … on Thursday … the city council will meet with a majority that is not responsible to the voters.

No one really wanted that … the agenda is a holdover from a eek ago Monday.,

That meeting had to be postponed because Southern California Edison blacked out the city.

On the agenda .. tomorrow night …. 

A virtual public hearing on th efinal draft of the Short-Term Rental Ordinance  … the proposed city riules to tighten up and legalize B and Bs … party houses … vacation rentals.

This is the so-called hosted ordinance … requiring a host to be on the premises …. and the yanking of city permits if noise or parking problems persist.

Also on the agenda … a proposal to bring Malibu into line with surrounding cities … and require face masks under threat of fine.

Rick Mullen … as you recall … voted against the face mask rule twice.

And that may be one reason why voters turned against him in a landslide.

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