Joe Edmiston’s MRCA Wins Election In Hollywood Hills

Written by on November 4, 2020

Joe Edmiston is being given some money to play with by voters in the Hollywood Hills.

In fact … all of the L-A section of the mountains … from the 405 east to Dodger Stadium … will pay into the fund.

Edmiston’s special fund won an 83 percent yes vote.

The owners of each piece of private property will pay 68 dollars a year … with the money going to M R C A … the Mountain Recreation and Conservation Authority.

Edmiston is promising to use the money to improve local wildfire prevention/ protection services by clearing dry brush/ fire hazards.

Also … to protect local open space and wildlife corridors.

To add park ranger patrols for wildfires and to prevent arson and vandalism.

And to responsibly remove illegal encampments.

Wait until Hollywood Hills taxpayers see how well that works out.

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