1 Man in Parked Car Killed, 3 People Hurt, As Car Smashes Into Parked Vehicle At Obvious Death Trap

Written by on November 23, 2020

One person is dead and several people injured after a crash … an early morning that could be safely called predictable.

It was in the set of curves on Pacific Coast Highway between Coastline Drive and Porto Marina in Pacific Palisades.

This was Saturday morning … at 3-30. 

A car heading towards Santa Monica smacked into two parked cars on the ocean side of the road …

One person was killed … a man who was sitting inside one of the parked vehicles.

Inside the moving car … three people were critically injured.

A fourth had minor injuries.

Exact information about what happened is impossible to obtain from the Los Angeles police department.

The crash happened in an area that some Malibu residents call “no man’s land.”
It’s the strip of P C H that sits on the City of Los Angeles … between Malibu and Santa Monica.

Police patrols are few … speeding rampant.

Parking enforcement … negligible.

24/7 … there are cars parked right up to the white stripe as the road curves back and forth and tops a small crest. 

And the no parking signs on the dangerous curves there have fallen down or been stolen over the years.

Calls for increased LAPD presence on that stretch of road have been repeatedly made over the years.

They have been met with deaf ears by Los Angeles officials.

Te crash closed P C H at 3:30 Saturday morning … and the road was closed until 11.

But because it is in the city of L-A  … the regional Caltrans traffic information center was not notified.

Caltrans did not put out a Sigalert until 5 hours after the crash.

P C H was blocked … and in that section there is no possible detour except the 101 Freeway.

It reopened just before 11.

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