Weekend Effort Ousts Majority Of Campers, But Some Roost Just Across From Zuma

Written by on November 23, 2020

Sheriff’s deputies … social workers and city volunteers have been working in the middle of the night to oust the campers … RVs and vans from beachfront locations at Corral beach and Zuma Beach.

So … the campers … RVs and vans have ion some cases moved to other places.

The city’s new band on overnight parking during the staggered hours at corral beach and Zuma Beach have ousted the campers from those two beachfront locations.

Predictably … the campers are now on the other side of the road at Zooma.

And they moved to Latigo Beach as well.

It took two years for the city to get permission from Caltrans and the coastal commission to put up the new no parking signs.

Public safety commissioners Chris Frost and Doug Stewart first began campaigning for the beachfront no overnight parking signs in early 20 19 … when it became apparent that LA County was going to oust the campers for me oceanfront location at Topanga Beach.

At midnight early Saturday morning … City of Malibu volunteers on patrol and LA County Sheriff’s deputies began banging on RV doors and telling people to MoveOn.

It did not go smoothly.

Some of the campers threatened the parking enforcement people by saying they had Covid.

Others steered their ancient vehicles to stretches of highway with the signs don’t exist.

Some of the areas along Zuma Beach … where the campers are parking on the inland side of the highway … were posted with no parking signs in years past.

But they have fallen down … been stolen or run over in recent years.

Some burned in the Woolsey Fire … and were never replaced.

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