Drive-Thru Covid Vaccinations May Be Coming To Malibu City Hall, As Local Case Count Grows by 9

Written by on November 23, 2020

Using the Malibu city hall parking lot as a COVID 19 drive thru vaccination site is an idea that goes before the city council tonight.

Malibu Medical has applied to the the County of Los Angeles to apply to receive and administer the vaccine.

And now … the city is being asked to allow the drive-thru vaccinations to be administered at the City Hall parking lot.

Last April … Malibu Medical and the Community Organization Relief Effort  … CORE … provided drive-through COVID-19 testing in the City Hall parking lot.

More than 3,000 tests were taken.

it was orderly and organized.

No back up and delays on nearby streets.

The City Hall is only open to the public by appointment … and the city manager says using the parking lot for drive-through vaccination service is no problem.

Council members Karen Farrer and Skylar Peak are proposing that the city council green light the concept … with the city manager to work out details.

The number of positive COVID cases in Malibu is now up by five … to 144.

In the Santa Monica Mountains … 163 positive cases.

That’s up four.

As widely reported, restaurants are going to have to end patio dining … by Wednesday night.

The pandemic has worsened to the point where in person dining … outdoors … is too risky.

It will be takeout, drive-thru or delivery service only … for three weeks … Los Angeles County public health officials said yesterday.

2,718 new infections were reported Sunday.

It was a weekend … so the test statistic were lower than a weekday.

So … we look at the five-day average caseload of infections … and it is up to 4,097, 20,487 new cases have been reported since Wednesday.

We are getting near the point where another stay at home order will be issued.

The number of people with Covid in the hopspital is also posting a dramatic increase.

1,401 yesterday … twice as many as a month ago …

If that number hits 2 thousand …  the county will issue a strict “Safer At Home” order.

That would allow only essential workers to leave home.


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