Two Deputies Ambushed But Survive Vicious Unprovoked Attack, Sheriff Issues False Report on Reporter Arrest

Written by on September 14, 2020

Two sheriff’s deputies ambushed in Compton are out of surgery … and have stable life signs.

And an intensive manhunt continues for the gunman who ambushed them … and shot them both in the head.

The L A county inspector general is questioning what appears to be targeted deputies actions against reporters.

Saturday … a KPCC radio reporter was arrested for supposedly interfering with a police officer.

Her offense was taking video of an arrest … on a public street that was not a crime scene.

the reporter had identified herself as a reporter and had ID around her neck.

Video from her cellphone shows her plainly identifying herself as a reporter.

It also shows deputies kicking and stomping on her cellphone.

California law specifically forbids police from closing an area to coverage by reporters.

And the state law against interfering with police specifically states that any citizen who takes pictures of police action is … by definition … not violating the law.

Two days before … sheriff’s deputies in riot gear surrounded a news conference where reporters were ordered to leave an area that had been open to them .. and the general public.

The inspector general’s office has opened investigations into the sheriff’s department conduct at the news conference … as well as the violent arrest of a reporter doing her job on a public street.

The sheriff’s office functions as the City of Malibu’s police department.

this is not to minimize … in any way … the dreadful and murderous assassination attempt on two deputies … doing their job.

As journalists … it is our job to report what is happening.

And as law officials .. sheriff’s deputies are obligated to let us do it.


Sheriff’s deputies arrested two suspected drunken drivers in Malibu Friday night … when the first post-pandemic roadblocks were set up in the city.

Deputies say they have noticed an uptick in drunken driving since restaurants and parties began gaining popularity … as society emerges from the stay at home orders of last spring.

The roadblock is paid for by grants from the federal government … administered by the state governor’s office.

There are no such grants available … however … for combatting the street racing and burnouts that are now plaguing Pacific Coast Highway and the canyon roads.

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