Short Term Rental Rules – This Time With Teeth – Back Before City Council; Masks and COVID Sign Rules Too

Written by on September 14, 2020

Short term rentals … B and Bs … vacation rentals. 

The contentious issue bounces back before the Malibu’s city council tonight.

The city council has already told the city attorney what they want to see in the ordinances that go up for discussion.

And the latest version includes a short term ordinance to crack down immediately on party houses … rentals that are flagrantly violating existing regulation.

And for the long term … Malibu would adopt an ordinance that is very similar to the one in Santa Moncia … a rental ordinance that has passed muster with the state Coastal Commission and found to be legal by the state Court of Appeal.

The long-term ordinance would require a host .. either the owner or an agent … to be on a short leash … ready to appear to settle any noise or other complaints.

It would be a significant crackdown … but some Malibu residents say existing city regulations ban businesses in residential zoning … and that means the city should just enforce the existing rules.

The wild card in all this is the Coastal Commission.

Although it approved the Santa Monica ordinance … that is in a city with thousands of hotel rooms nearby.

Malibu’s lack of overnight rentals … particularly cheap overnight rentals … has stick in the craw of coastal planners for decades.

Also at the Malibu city council tonight … the beginnings of not one … but two hotel projects … starting the planning process.

The city council will be asked to approve hiring environmental impact report consultants for an expansion of the malibu Inn … and converting an existing three story high office building into a luxury hotel.

Developer Norm Haney is pressing for the office building conversion … into what he now calls the Sea view hotel.

It would replace the dilapidated former gas station across the street from Nobu … with a grand entrance.

The owners of the Malibu Inn

In both cases the developers will have to pay for the environmental impact review.

Under state law … any major project needs to have its impacts on traffic and other environmental issues examined.


The city council will also discuss a face mask ordinance … bringing Malibu inline with surrounding cities who are enforcing the county’s public mask wearing orders with the potential for fines.

Malibu is one of the only cities in the area to have not done so.

And the city will also consider allowing businesses to place temporary signs out … during the COVID emergency … to let patrons know that they are open.


The city council will be meeting on a zoom platform … tonight at 6:30.

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