Superbloom Could Attract Supercrowds Of Poppy People To Malibu

Written by on March 21, 2019

Hundreds of thousands of people have been trompling the poppies and other flowers down at Lake Elsinore and in desert regions.

Literally hundreds of thousands people.

So many so that the Lake Elsinore Police Department declared an emergency and brought them please from outside agencies to direct traffic and settle fights over parking places.

Now comes were that the local Santa Monica Mountains seemed primed for a super bloom even closer to Los Angeles.

Vast fields of tiny flowers.

As the Ventura County Star puts it …

Tiny goldfields and red maids blanket a stretch of Paramount Ranch.

Patches of bright orange poppies and white lilies dot the hillsides along mountain roads.

Blue dicks and purple lupines have popped up along some trails.

Experts predict this year’s wildflower bloom to peak between now and mid-April. They also expect it to be a particularly good one.

“This is like all the colors on the rainbow and the vibrant green included,” said National Park Service biologist Mark Mendelsohn of the wildflower display…. interviewed by the Ventura County Star.

Superbloom in the Malibu Mountains … next 3 weeks.

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