Lack Of Citizen Review Of Signal May Dog Civic Center Way Widening Plan

Written by on March 21, 2019

Unhappiness with the City of Malibu’s first new traffic light in nearly ten years continues to simmer.

At this week’s Planning Commission meeting … chairman Steve Urhring again criticized city staff for having designed the new traffic signal at Webb Way and Civic Center Way without any citizen input.

Citicism on the cluster of 8 streetlights above the small intersection… and the numerous traffic lights.

There are six signal heads facing one direction alone.

Some of the overhead streetlights are within less than 10 feet of others.

Overkill  … Times Square … urban and not rural … some of the comments made.

The signals were approved by the city staff … but were designed by traffic engineers working for the developers of a shopping center … which were paying for the project.

But the specifics of the project never went before any city commission or the city council.

All this is likely to come up Monday at the city council meeting … when the redesign and reconstruction of Civic Center Way is due to come up for discussion.

That specific design has yet to come up before the planning … public works or public safety commissions … either.

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