Still No Plans To Reopen LA County Beaches, As Death Local Toll Tops 1,300

Written by on May 6, 2020

One of the largest beaches in Southern California has reopened to limited use … but L A County health officials have not yet come up with a plan for Malibu and the rest of the local beaches.

HuntIngton Beach … Seal beach and Dana Point submited crowd management plans that won the approval of the governor’s office.

As for Malibu … Los Angeles County public health director Barbara Ferrer said yesterday the current beach closure order lasts 9 more days … and the replacement is still being drafted.


“We know our beaches need to be part of that plan for recovery. You all know the health officer order, with his existing restrictions, expires on May 15fifteenth. But we have been working hard.

“I want to thank all our beach city mayors.

“I want to thank our pizzas at beaches and harbors for their leadership, I think we will have a plan that we will have to reopen our beaches in ways that will be safe and we will be having that relatively soon.”

Los Angeles County is still trying to come up with a plan to reopen businesses ,,, and the public health director says the beaches will be part of that.

News broke yesterday that the virus is mutating into a second virus …

Barbara Ferrer says  that is not changing plans to reopen.


“Does new information about the virus actually perhaps being two viruses or two separate stains or mutating change our plans to be on a journey towards recovery??

“That would be no.

“I mean we will take that evidence into account. It might have implications as to how we move forward.

“It might have some implications as to how we do testing. “But I want to say we are going to begin a journey towards recovery. That’s where we are now.

“We have been really working very hard for last three weeks to get ourselves ready so that we have the prerequisite to go on this journey.”

One issue not yet addressed publicly is the  differing nature of some beaches …. like in the South Bay … and Malibu.

Cities like Hermosa Beach do not have state highways or huge parking lots … along their beaches … but Malibu does.

A countywide plan that allows people to walk to the beach … but not park ther cars near the sand … will once again sew chaos in Malibu.

Residents have pointed to neighborhoods being overwhelmed by car clubs and beachgoers.

But people in inland areas are already angry that Malibu locals may get what they see as preferential treatment.

Ferrer says the beach reopenings are a small part of a big overall plan … for reopening a county of 10 million residents but by bit.


Three lightly-populated counties in Northern California are allowing their businesses and restaurants to reopen.

The governor says their decision to defy his statewide stay-at-home order has put their communities at increased risk for a new coronavirus outbreak.

Modoc … Sutter and Yuba counties have allowed all businesses there to reopen.

Officials in the three counties argued that they were less affected by the COVID-19 pandemic than hot spots such as Los Angeles and the Bay Area and said the shutdown was hurting their local economies.

The governor is not happy.


“They’re making a big mistake. They’re putting their public at risk. They’re putting our progress at risk.

“These are real exceptions. The overwhelming majority of Californians are playing by the rules doing the right thing.”

So … what will the governor do about those three wayward states?

And will their moves cause other government acts of rebellion?

No answers.


Ventura County is gearing up to allow some of its businesses to open by the end of the week.

Businesses such as bookstores, clothing stores, florists and sporting goods stores will be eligible to open for curbside pickup.

Associated manufacturers and supply chains for these retail stores will also be allowed to open.

The county is expected to receive more guidance from the governor’s office before Friday on how such openings should be handled.


As of noon yesterday … 27,815 conformed cases of COVID 19 in Los Angeles County.

13 hundred 13 deaths.

In Ventura County … 595 confirmed cases and 13 deaths.

Malibu … 31 cases.

Santa Monica Mountains … 16.

Agoura Hills … 31.

Calabasas … 46.

Pacific Palisades … 38.

Santa Monica … 190..

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