State Spending $80,000 To Study What To Do About Disappearing Adamson House Beach

Written by on May 25, 2021

The Adamson House … at the center of Malibu’s history and heritage … is in danger of washing away.

The beach at Surfrider Beach … at the Malibu Lagoon … and at Malibu Pier is severely eroded. A major storm … on top of a big swell … could spell disaster.

The Foundation that runs the Adamson House … and California State Parks … are now spending 80 thousand dollars on an emergency hydrological study.

Foundation member John Mazza told the Malibu City Council last night that the lack of sand at Surfrider Beach is threatening the Adasmson House … the Malibu Pier … and what’s left of the beach.


These are our three main state parks in the center of Malibu … and our major historical building that’s open to the public … along with the pier.

If we have a 1983-type storm this year … we are going to lose it.

And it could come along at any year.”

Mazza says PCH itself is at risk … of washing out.

Some surfers blame the state government fror partially causing the situation.

California State Parks has steadfastly refused to alter the flow of Malibu Creek as it crests the sand berm out of Malibu Lagoon and flows into the ocean.

In olden days … the lagoon was breached intentionally further away from the Adamson House …. replenishing sand into the world famous surf break … and supplementing sand on the beach.

The lagoon right now is experiencing its yearly springtime algae bloom … and some experts warn that the icky water may breach the berm this weekend.

Very high tides are expected to arrive at the same time that a large swell from a storm in the Southern Hemisphere arrives.

That is expected to flush the contaminated algae into the ocean at Surfrider Beach.

The lagoon water is full of nitrogen and phosphorous … leaching through the sand from generations of septic tanks in the area.

That causes algae to bloom … although no human pathogens make the trip from septic tanks to the water.

Back to the Adamson House issue … Mazza says the Adamson is losing its historical grounds.


We are in fact losing our front yard … and our side yards .. and part of them have collapsed already.

It’s a very bad situation since that’s a major part of the house.”

What to do?

Move sand?

Bring in more boulders to protect parts of the Adamson House that almost washed away two years ago?
The decisions are up to California State Parks … part of a state government with the official policy of managed retreat. As in … watching the ocean level rise and letting it alter the shoreline as it will.

Stay tuned.

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