No Progress On Friday Murder, But Sunday Car Clubs, Watch Out

Written by on May 25, 2021

Real life is not a police show.

That’s the basic message from Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputies … as the first official report on last Friday’s murder was released at last night’s city council meeting.

Lieutenant Jim Braden said … not much new.


The homicide investigation is ongoing and I know a lot of people would like to know this, that , or the other thing about it.

But homicide investigations are not like that

“So I know a lot of people would like to know things about it … but that’s just not the way a homicide investigation is.”

Last weekend … L A sheriff’s deputies also cracked down on an unofficial car show … crowding the streets and parking lots in the Civic Center area.

Braden said deputies put an end to Sunday morning’s coffee and cars show at the Cross Creek shopping parking lots.

Braden said the organizers of these ad hoc events … no permits … no crowd control … are responsible for costs.

And they tried to walk way from responsibility.

Can’t do that.


Any car shows or any large events in Malibu have to be permitted.

And along with those permits comes a responsible for insurance … comes a responsibility for proper safety security personnel … or hiring police personnel.

People have to realize at these pop up sort of things … that they want to act like no one organized this … that we are going to seek payment.”

The City of Malibu used to run a coffee and cars event at Bluffs Park.

It grew pretty big … attracting traffic on quiet Sunday mornings.

A weekend car show at Trancas Market also grew out of control … lots of loud engines at 6 in the morning.

Last night … Braden likened the Internet-fueled car shows with other Internet-fueled illegal gatherings. … in Huntington beach last weekend.


From Tik Tok they had thousands of people respond and go to a party that got out of hand … which required 150 police officers from all over Orange Country … and which resulted in 150 arrests one night and the next night there was still 29 arrests.”

The car parties are nothing like that … of course.

But the rules are the rules … and the car shows are against the rules … in a city built on quiet rural character.

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