Small Brusher Put Out Near Homeless Camp – Feldman Asks State Legislators For Help On SCE Blackouts And Caltrans Negligence

Written by on November 10, 2020

Two public safety items this morning:

A small brushfire ignited in eastern Malibu this morning.

L A County got the call at 3:36 … in la Tuna Canyon at Pacific Coast Highway.

The first arriving unit found one quarter acre on a hillside on fire.

County dispatchers began sending out a second alarm response … five trucks and a helicopter.

They had the fire out at 4:07 … 31 minutes fter the call.

But the smell of smoke hung int he area for a long time … alarming people in eastern Malibu.

PCH was closed for about a half hour … but it’s open now.

Again … the fire department is telling us they do not have a cause for this.

And we do not know if it is linked to a homeless encampment in Tuna Canyon.

This is the second fire in tat immediate area this fall.


City Manager Reva Feldman is demanding to know why Caltrans and Southern California Edison cannot keep Pacific Coast Highway safe during the ever frequent power blackouts that hit Malibu.

Now … two state senators and a state assemblyman have picked up her demands.

Why does Southern California Edison provide power to traffic lights that blacks out so frequently?

Why doesn’t Caltrans … which owns the highway … take steps to control the intersections where traffic zips thru without stopping?

Twice this fall … western Malibu has blacked out for long periods … and with Caltrans traffic lights left dark … residents are worried about mayhem.

Southern California Edison has yet to explain what caused the two blackouts.

And the state had refused to allow the city to place temporary stop signs in the blacked out intersections.

Malibu has two and a half times as many power outages as the rest of the Southern California Edison territory average.

And there are power outages last four times longer than the SCE average also.

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