Silverstein Demands Council Take Action Now In His Campaign To Oust City Manager And City Attorney

Written by on November 10, 2020

Anger and demands from a newly-elected city council member last night.

Bruce Silverstein will be sworn in in one month.

But he’s not waiting to enter into a public fight with the city manager and city attorney.

Silverstein spoke at last night’s city council call to the public. 


“Now … I have been told by many people that the city manager and the city attorney work to stifle the public … to control the agenda…  and to do all kinds of other things.

And as you know I ran on a platform that included replacing the city manager and the city attorney.

I have sent numerous emails to the city attorney over the past 48 hours asking for information and providing her with legal research that I was forced to do.

“And I have yet to receive a response.”

Silverstein continued.


“So what are you going to do about this council?

“You have a city attorney who I believe is acting insubordinate at worst as shortly incompetently at best, and you have a city manager who is also refusing to be civil or act responsibly.

“And I believe something needs to be done about this. And if I am elected I am going to be taking office in another month but this is not acceptable in the interim.

“Thank you.”

Silverstein said he was demanding to meet with the city manager … and to tape record the recording.

Reva Feldman responded …

She is willing to meet … but she did not address Silverstein’s demand … to tape record the conversation.

As for the city attorney … Christi Hogin says she advised Silverstein that he is now covered by the state open meetings law … like she advises all newly elected officials.

And Hogin notes her responsibility is to the residents of Malibu …. not to individual city council members.

Or … to candidates who have just been elected.


“I am confident that I have given him the best advice that’s accurate and in the best interests of the Malibu residents and so I feel like pretty much that’s where my job ends.”

Silverstein asked the city council what they were going to do … and they responded by saying they would not do anything.

In fact… two of them told him to play nice.

Jefferson Wagner was elected as an outsider … and he said he gets along.


“So even though I may have had ups and downs with the city manager or the city attorney or the council we always 10 to resolve it through dialogue.

“So I hope we can come to that level before you take your oath of office.”

And another city council member … Skylar Peak … also told the incoming council member that he is failing at showing leadership.


“To come out and say (in) those e-mails that you trust nothing that our city attorney says and things along those lines … … I don’t think is good leadership.”

Silverstein won a seat in the last election with a 15 percent vote. 

That would mean that a majority of the voters … at least 55 percent … did not choose to vote for him.

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