Silverstein/Uhring Propose Every Feldman Conversation Be Taped And Transcribed, Grisanti Asks For Courtesy To City Staff

Written by on January 2, 2021

A battle unlike anything we have ever seen is shaping up at the Malibu city council.

Two new city council members now propose to give themselves subpoena power to investigate alleged corruption at City Hall.

But the third newly elected city council member has introduced proposal of his own … apparently aimed at the so-called reform candidates.

On the agenda for a week from Monday are pair of items … one from the team of Council members Bruce Silverstein and Steve Uhring … the other from council member Paul Grisanti.

Silverstein and Uhring have authored a 50 page single spaced report … aimed at what they call … and we quote … “secrecy, tyrannical oppression, deflection and deceit that are the true hallmarks of the monarchical fiefdom the City Manager has managed to build and sustain in Malibu.”

Silverstein and Uhring propose that a special investigative committee of two city council members be given subpoena powers to probe allegations of corruption.

They also propose naming themselves to the special investigative committee.

Quoting his own document …

“City Councilmember Silverstein understands how to conduct an internal investigation, and he understand (sic) how to ferret out the true facts on an independent and thorough manner.”

Silverstein is also proposing that every conversation between city staff be scheduled in advance …  that all council members can attend.

And that every conversation between city staff and city council members “shall be recorded and transcribed so that any City Council member who was unable to participate in the conversation can obtain precisely the same information that was conveyed to the other City Council members.”

The 50 pages include swipes at Mayor Mikke Pierson … including criticism of his statement made on behalf of the city last month.

In that statement … Pierson said that the city would have charges made by Silverstein investigated.

That’s from Silverstein and Uhring.

Grisanti … on the other hand … has also introduced a motion.

It could be fairly characterized and aiming to throttle the flood of email and public document requests that Silverstein has sent to the city.

In one overnight period … Silverstein sent eight emails to the city manager Reva Feldman … according to city council sources.

Grisanti’s proposed changes would require that … and we quote … “Members of the City Council and Members of City Commissions shall speak to and correspond with the City Manager, the City Attorney and City staff in a professional and cordial manner at all times.”

Just how that would be enforced … not clear.

We have links to both proposals posted at the KBUU newswire.

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