Malibu Has 32 Positive Cases In 2 Weeks, As Paramedics Stop Taking Near-Death Cases To Hospitals

Written by on January 2, 2021

L A County paramedics are no longer taking some very sick patients to hospitals.
Overloaded hospitals and backed up emergency wards are the problem.
For example .. heart attack victims who are not responding to resuscitation efforts will be left for the coroner.
A memo from the Emergency Medical Services Agency of Los Angeles County states that adult patients shall not be transported to hospitals if spontaneous heartbeat cannot be achieved in the field.
This includes traffic crash victims and other s with blunt traumatic … or non-traumatic injuries.
Quoting from the directive … patients who meet the lengthy official criteria for death in the field shall not be taken to hospitals on life support … for possible resuscitation in an emergency room.
In other words … people who are hovering at or near death will no longer be taken to hospitals.
There is no room for them.
Others can be saved.
Seven hundred nurses from the county’s primary care clinics diverted to hospitals and other critical needs.
County officials have been forced to temporarily shut five public primary care clinics across the county and reduce hours at most of the others, which provide children with immunizations and where people with chronic diseases have their medications managed.
32 cases of coronavirus have been diagnosed in Malibu in the last 14 days.
In the surrounding Santa Monica Mountains has seen 5o new cases in the past tw weeks.
California started the new year by reporting a record 585 coronavirus deaths in a single day after a health official said the pandemic was pushing state hospitals to the “brink of catastrophe” as some medical centers scramble to provide oxygen for the critically ill.
The state reported more than than 47,189 new confirmed COVID-19 cases yesterday.
That brings the total to nearly 2.3 million.
Nearly 26,000 people have died from the virus in the state.
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is being brought in today to evaluate and upgrade outdated oxygen delivery systems at six Los Angeles area hospitals.
Gov. Gavin Newsom’s office says the oxygen system collaboration comes as some hospitals are having difficulty maintaining oxygen pressure in their tanks ande delivery lines to patients.
Some hospitals are sending Covid 19 patients with less severe symptoms home … but they are scrambling to locate portable oxygen tanks for the sick people being discharged to take home.
The mutant strain of Covid 19 from England has popped up in Big Bear.
As the BBC reported yesterday … it is three times more contagious than the strain of virus wracking the United States.
San Bernardino County Health officials say the mutant new strain was detected in a household where people had been near a traveller just back from the United Kingdom.
Currently .. the CDC believes the mutant strain is much easier to spread … but is not more serious … in terms of symptoms … and it does not appear to be resistant to the vaccines being developed.

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