Sheriff Villanueva: “We Will Not Be Enforcing Beach Closure” Ordered By County Supes And City Of Malibu

Written by on June 30, 2020

Beaches will be closed over the Fourth of July … except the sheriff won’t enforce it.

Late last night … sheriff Alex Villanueva told Channel 11 that he will not enforce the county health order … implemented by the Board of Supervisors.

In the sheriff’s words … as quoted by Channel 11 … and as read by a KBUU reporter.


“We were not consulted on the beach closure, and will only assist our beach cities in closing parking lots and traffic enforcement on PCH. In regards to enforcing the beach closure, we will not be enforcing it because we are ‘Care First, Jail Last.’ ”

The words of sheriff Alex Villanueva … last night … a statement made to Fox 11 News.

But here are the words of his men and women at the Malibu Lost Hills sheriff’s captain … just a few hours earlier.


“The Malibu/Lost Hills Station Beach Team will be patrolling the beaches throughout the weekend and late into the evening.  This new order makes it illegal to trespass at these locations and is punishable by law to include, but not limited to, a $1000 fine.”

Te words of the Malibu Lost Hills Sheriff’s station … as voiced by a KBUU reporter.

The malibu mayor …Karen Farrer … issued a statement last night  … that the beaches would be closed and the closure enforced by the sheriff’s office beach team … the extra law enforcement hired by the city to enforce local rules.


All beaches … beach parking lots … bike paths … piers and access ways will be fully closed.

And the mayor goes on to say …


“The summer beach team will be patrolling the beaches throughout the weekend and late into the evenings.”

It should be pointed out that the Malibu officials would have no cause to believe that the sheriff of Los Angeles County would disavow a lawful public health order … issued by the Board of Supervisors.

Bu tit must be pointed out that the sheriff’s late night announcement came on the same news cycle where the Board of Supervisors had just cut his budget by 150 million dollars.

Sheriff Alex Villanueva calls the budget cuts “defunding the police.”

He says the proposed cuts defund the department by more than $150 million. That’s on top of the $400 million the department has already been underfunded for the next fiscal year.

Supervisors member Sheila Kuehl represents Malibu  … at yesterday’s board of supervisors budget hearing.

Not just at the sheriff’s office … but countywide.


“We’re facing an unprecedented almost billion dollar gap for the incoming fiscal year.

“And the proposed budget in front of us includes a lot of curtailments of our county services and our county staff.”

But the sheriff called that budget an anti police move.

He said every single move is taking away vital law enforcement services that is going to hurt people.

The sheriff has a 3 point 3 billion dollar budget ….

The county supervisors yesterday eliminates 3,251 positions countywide … 655 of which may result in layoffs.

Many people who spoke at yesterday’s budget session urged the supervisors to pull money from the Sheriff’s Department to fund diversion programs and community needs.

So now … this question.

The city of Malibu pays the sheriff about 9 and a half million dollars per year for police services.

Will those services be curtailed because of the county cuts?

Or … will the sheriff continue to honor the terms of his contract with Malibu … while he cuts services in the unincorporated county area … or Compton or East L A???
Right now … the elected sheriff and the city are hardly even communicating … about whether the Malibu beaches will be open on the Fourth of July or not.

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