Malibu Reopens As Diseases Jump Of Charts, 51 Cases Now In City Limits

Written by on June 30, 2020

Los Angeles County health officials issued a dire warning Monday that condiutions in the COVID pandemic are deteriorating rapidly.

We are now facing with one of their biggest fears: that the reopening of California coinciding with sudden jumps in disease transmission that have the potential to overwhelm public and private hospitals.

L A County now has 100 thousand 772 confirmed cases.

51 of those cases are in Malibu.

46 in the Santa Monica Montains.

There have been 33 hundred 26 confirmed COVID deaths in L-A County.

The outbreak is worsening.

Barbara Ferrer, the director of public health for L.A. County, said that new data show “alarming increases in cases, positivity rates and hospitalization.”

Tye graph she showed yesterday was mortifying … it shows arrows pointing straight up.


“You can see that there is a clear picture of the sharp increase in new cases overthe last two weeks.

“This does indicate -definitively-that we have increased community transmission.

“While we have not hit the levels of daily hospitalizations that we saw at our highest point in late April – we are quickly heading in that direction becuase we ave so many people who are testing positive.”

Perhaps the most worrisome statistic is what the experts call “R naught.”

It’s the average number of people who are infected … by a sick person.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti last night.


“We worked hard to put a safer at home order in place, and we worked hard to bring down our `R naught’ – or our infection rate –  to less than one or about one.

“Which meant that every person who got COVID 19 only infected one person or even slightly less.

“That’s what helped us not only bend the curve … but start  least push it down.

“Now our infection rate is increasing again … it’s estimated to be 1.26.

“Not as high as when it was 3 or more at the beginning of this …. but worrying and increasing.”

All this leaves county officials urging people to take basic steps … starting with staying home.

Again … Barbara Ferrer.


“This is the time to hunker down back in your home whenever you can.

“And always wear your face covering and keep phyisical distance when you’re outside your home.

“Contin ue to wash your hands frequently.”

The infection count in Malibu is now up two … to 51.

In the Santa Monica Mountains … 46.

That news conference was an hour before the county decide to order the beaches closes … strangely  …. they did not discuss the beach issue at that news conference.

And it came 8 hours before the sheriff said he would not enforce that order.

Where does all this leave Malibu for the 4th of July weekend???

Beaches … closed .

The closure … not enforced says the sheriff.

It will be enforced … says the city.

Parking lots will be closed.

PCH beachside parking … banned.

Streets near beaches … probably packed with people going to the beach.

The City of Malibu pays the sheriff’s office an extra premium … to enforce rules during the summer.

Will those beach team members be enforcing the public health order … as put forth by the city

NOW  … the attention also turns to the hills.

Sheriff’s deputies … arson watch … firefighters … all will be on special alert for fireworks.

But residents are complaining that illegal fireworks are already out of control.

And we have seen fireworks being shot off … and sparklers being ignited … right under the nose of Arson Watch volunteers … last year.

And … the Malibu skate park is still on tap to open Friday.

attendance will be limited to 12 skaters at any given time … six by reservation …six who walk up … social distancing required.

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