New Sheriff May Cost Malibu Millions As He Rehires ‘Abusive’ Deputies

Written by on May 13, 2019

The newly-elected sheriff is coming under heavy fire from the cities that pay for police services from the LA County sheriffs department.

At issue: 16 sheriffs deputies countywide … who were fired for misconduct … but then rehired by the new sheriff … Alex Villanueva.

It’s a front page article today in the Los Angeles Times.

Cities like Malibu … West Hollywood … Compton and others … they pay the L A County sheriff to provide local police services.

42 of the 89 municipalities in L A county do that.

Malibu pays 7 point 6 million dollars a year to the sheriff to serve as the Malibu police department.

And there’s a special fund … to pay off lawsuits … it is charging 3 percent more this year.

And the cities footing the bill are -not- happy with Sheriff Villanueva.

A front page article in the L-A Times has details.

The California Contract Cities Association has sent a letter to the county … criticizing Villanueva.

The letter … obtained by the L-A Times … says … and we quote ….

“There is significant risk associated with reinstating deputies who have a history of excessive force or other misconduct and were previously dismissed in accordance with long-established department policy.”

The California Contract Cities Association also strongly disagrees with Villanueva … who has told the public that he has the full support of the cities that together pay 213 million dollars a year for his department.

The sheriff has reinstated 16 deputies so far… deputies who had been fired by his predecessor.

Villanueva unseated the former sheriff in an upset campaign that was funded largely by campaign contributions from the sheriff’s deputies union.

LA Times article:


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