100 MPH And Drunk – What Will It Take To Stop PCH Carnage?

Written by on May 13, 2019

A drunk driver … possibly speeding at above 100 miles per hour … is under arrest this morning.

And a person who was sitting inside a parked car was critically injured.

This after a horrendous crash on Pacific Coast Highway near the Zuma Beach lifeguard headquarters last night.

A total of three people were injured in the wreck …  which happened at about 8-40 last night.

A witness at the scene told KBUU News he saw a speeding car coming up fast behind him.

“We’re going to get hit” … he told his girlfriend.

Th headlights disappeared as the speeding car went sideways …as the highway begins to curve between the lifeguard headquarters and the entrance station.

More than two cars parked on the road were hit.

People were inside at least one of them.

One of those people … critically injured and flown out by helicopter.

The alleged drunk’s car rolled several times … two other cars completely demolished.

The apparent drunk driver had a cut to his head … was pulled out of the car by passersby.

He is in jail this morning …. awaiting charges of felony drunken driving … according to sheriff’s deputies.

More than a hundred vehicles were stuck in a traffic jam.

Eastbound PCH was closed for several hours … with cars detouring via Morning View … Merritt and Busch drives.


Speeding drivers on Pacific Coast Highway … a major concern.

There are no statistics … but drivers say cars are being faster … louder … and more recklessly in a trend that is obvious.

Sheriff’s deputies are planning to announce a major traffic enforcement crackdown on P C H.

Lieutenant Jennifer Seatoo told KBUU News last Friday that a major grant will be announced this week … to fund the crackdown on P C H.

And the sheriff’s office is planning concentrated enforcement effort … next Sunday.

The Sheriff’s Department Traffic Safety Operations branch will be flooding Malibu with deputies … concentrating on motorcycle violations.

The  department is serving notice it will have extra deputies out on patrol Sunday in the City of Malibu … looking for violations made by drivers and motorcyclists that increase the risk of crashes.

The motorcycle safety enforcement operation aims at educating both motorcyclists and drivers on the rules of the road.

Sunday …

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