7 Days Of Rain Starts After 11 Tonight, NWS Says

Written by on January 11, 2019

Rain will start falling in Malibu tonight at four … the beginning of seven days of rain predicted by the National Weather Service.

Heavy rain will fall tonight starting at around 11 o clock or so.

We should get about one inch of rain from this first storm … was most of it falling between midnight and four the morning.

And the storm will be having the winds blowing off the ocean … and that means we’ll have orographic enhancement.

That’s what happens when big wet clouds blow it off the ocean … and hit the Santa Monica Mountains.

Clouds hit mountain … clouds drop water …. clouds go over mountain.

The kicker tonight … cold air in the upper atmosphere Will mix with the relatively warmer air coming from the south … and that could cause thunderstorms … heavy rain cells and waterspouts off the coast.

Rainfall rates may top one half inch per hour … maybe much higher if a rain cell hits.

And that is enough to trigger mud to come goofing off of the hillsides above canyons in Malibu.

Although the rain will begin to taper off tomorrow morning … rain is in the forecast for the next seven days.

And the storm that will arrive Tuesday or Wednesday has the potential to be a big storm.

And that brings us to our next piece of bad news.

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