USGS Says 50-Year Rain Could Inundate Broad Beach, Malibu Cyn, Malibu Country Estates With Mud

Written by on January 11, 2019

The U-S Geologic Survey has looked at the fire-scraped mountains above Malibu … and the canyons below.

And it has released an alarming series of maps that show dozens of houses under water … or likely … surrounded by mud … in the event of a heavy rain.

The city has released the set of maps … which are based on surveys of the fire-ravaged mountains and subdivisions after the Woolsey Fire.

And they are alarming.

The U S G S maps show that a 50-year-storm will flood significant slices of Malibu West … Escondido Canyon … and other low lying areas.

Also … hiillsides are in danger.

The dozens of homes on the steepest parts of Malibu Park are at great risk.

Also … houses along Broad Beach.

In Escondido Canyon.

And along Malibu Country Drive … near Pepperdine.

A major concern remains Malibu canyon … which drains hundreds of square miles of burned steep mountainsides … and where the old Rindge Dam is powerless to hold back any more sediment.

We have posted the link to the maps at the KBUU webpage.

Again … the heaviest rain will hit Malibu starting at about 11 o’clock tonight.

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