Santa Anas Slam Malibu – Triathlon’s Future In Doubt, Up To Next City Council – Riggins 89 Seats Ahead Of Sampson – $41 Million Will Be Diverted From Santa Monica To New Malibu School District After Divorce – Villanueva Goes Out With A Whine

Written by on November 16, 2022

This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Wednesday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 


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87 MPH Gusts Hit Mountains West of Malibu, No Big Power Outages Reported In The Morning

The offshore pressure differential is 9 millibars this morning … 

That means the air up in the deserts in substantially heavier than the air down here in Malibu.

And that means … very strong Santa Ana winds are whacking Malibu this morning. 

Gusts hit 87 miles an hour above Yerba Buena Canyon … in the mountains west of Malibu … at 4:30 this morning. 

Other peak readings … along the Malibu coast … topped 50.

There were no fire dispatches is in the Santa Monica Mountains overnight. Southern California Edison reports no outages as of now… And there are no warnings that the power may be turned off intentionally either. There was a regularly-scheduled maintenance project … a pole replacement… at Latigo Beach last night. 

Power was off for 25 customers overnight. 

It’s back on now.

The forecast for today is heavy Santa Anas to continue like this all morning …winds will start to die down this afternoon. 

The Red Flag Warnings and high wind warnings expire at 7 tonight.

Thursday and Friday will be “pleasant” says the NWS.

Remember … this was a 9 millibar Santa Ana.

On Saturday .. the prediction is for an 8 millibar Santa Ana to blow in.


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Old Council Wants Next Council To Look At Cancelling Or Continuing Triathlon

The Malibu Triathlon may or may not continue … after the current city council expressed unhappiness with the disruption it causes … and questioned how much money the event raises for the for-profit company that owns it. 

On a unanimous vote Monday night .. the current city council decided to let the next city council examine the profit and loss statements.

And more fundamentally … to decide if the disruption of having streets closed and residents isolated is worth the huge amount of benefit that the Triathlon brings.

Those benefits include significant funds raised for the Children Hospital of Los Angeles … the ability of some Malibu residents to run in a local triathlon .. and the overall fun of the event.

About 2 thousand Malibu households find themselves barricaded off from the outside world for two consecutive mornings every September … 

Bill Sampson .. a Broad Beach resident … told the city council it’s a huge inconvenience.


“Sport is a good thing. I’m glad you can do it. If you can do it without messing up our lives for two days that’s fine. But so do that hasn’t happened. Instead, we can’t get out.”

Jim Garfield begs to differ… 


“I have participated in this event since the early 1990s. It has given me an opportunity for the City of Malibu I believe to share in its beauty and share and it’s community spirit. I’ve seen the good at it has done for the CHLA. (Childrens Hospital of Los Angeles).”

On Monday night … all five city council members agreed that they want to see how much money the Malibu Triathlon made … before the pandemic cut into the vent.

But at least two city council members said they wonder if the triathlon even belongs in Malibu.

Bruce Silverstein says some cities welcome big events that draw people in.

He said malibu has 16 million people coming to the beach every year … and maybe that is enough.


“The question is: do our residents want to bring in more people? Do they want to have events in Malibu that are attractions or do they not? And I don’t really not have the answer to that question. The people that I hear from say they do not want to have this kind of thing.”

All five city council members agreed that the new city council … which takes office on December 12th… should examine the financial details.

And they should decide if the triathlon is paying Malibu enough money to close off at streets.

And maybe… If the triathlon should be happening at all.


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Latest Results: Marianne Riggins Apparently Wins Seat, 89 Votes Ahead of Bill Sampson

More Malibu election results trickled out again last night from the LA County recorder.

No substantive change.

Doug Stewart still is in first place … for the two open seats.

Marianne Riggins has won the second seat … she is holding on to an 89 vote margin over third place finisher Bill Sampson.

For the county supervisor seat representing malibu and a huge swath of western L A county… Lindsay Horvath is now 11 thousand votes ahead of Bond Hertzberg.

But that race is still too close to call. 


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Villanuevas Goes Out With Some Whimpers, Blames ‘Hollywood Executives’ For His Defeat

Alex Villanueva conceded the obvious last night … he has overwhelmingly been dumped as the elected L A County sheriff.

But not without one last new conspiracy theory.

Yesterday … Villanueva blamed “Hollywood executives” for his woes. 

Villanueva held a self-pitying. … rambling news conference yesterday that saw him reduced to tears.

But not before Villanueva blamed what he called a series of fires for the troubles that beset him in the sheriff’s office 


“Not just one fire – the Bobcat – we had a pandemic, the protests, the defunding movement, a very unsupportive political establishment, the homelessness. rising violent crime, public corruption that keeps rearing its ugly head.

“All these things going on at the same time, literally, overlapping one after another.

“So this is been four years nonstop of challenges –  yet the department came together to work together as a team.”

Villanueva took credit yesterday for some very questionable accomplishments.

For example .. 


“During the civil unrest we found a way to keep the community safe, get the bad guys were actually trying to hard the cars out of the committee in jail, held accountable, and not have our community burn down such as happened in Seattle and Portland and so many other areas throughout the country.”

The record shows that Alex Villanueva was in Santa Monica … personally commanding sheriff’s department reinforcements … as downtown Santa Monica was left abandoned during the riots after the George Floyd murder.

While gangs of thieves looted and set fires… nearly all the law officers being commanded by Villanueva were parked nearby … or tied up surrounding a peaceful civil rights demonstration at the Santa Monica pier. 

Robert Luna will be the next sheriff … and de facto police chief for Malibu and 44 other small cities in the county that rely on the sheriff’s office to provide municipal police forces.


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A chef prepared menu to enjoy on the patio or inside.

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Malibu School Independence Framework ‘A Win’ For Malibu, With $41 Million Tax Transfer To Santa Monica Stopped

41 million dollars a year … in local property taxes … will go to the Malibu school district when it gains independence.

And will not go to Santa Monica.

That’s the assessment from Malibu’s lawyer on the issue … Christine Wood.

For the first time … the Malibu city council was shown financial details about the proposed divorce.

Monday night … Wood showed the city council that this 41 million dollars a year will either flow to Santa Monica … or to Malibu … whether or not the independent Malibu district is created.

And she says the mediator who was brought in had experience in school finance issues … and was able to show Santa Monica school board members that their financial expectations after Malibu leaves were not valid.

As of now … that 41 million dollars goes to Santa Monica … a


“Those property taxes, (and) those parcel taxes are going to go to the district regardless of the enrollment numbers that are affiliated with Malibu residents.  

“And so it’s important to recognize that the ability to gain local control, and the ability to then try and create a school district that reflects the needs, desires wants of the the community … it’s important but it’s also important that whether we come to terms or not…  those are going to continue to go to the Santa Monica Malibu unified school district.”

At the Monday night city council meeting…  council member Bruce Silverstein made the point that … the deal is not done.


SILVERSTEIN: “I just want to make sure that the public, though, understands that when you describe these as terms of an agreement … we don’t have any agreement that binds anybody to these as terms. These are what the parties are going to tryto negotiate to achieve in the three agreements that are referred to in this term sheet. Correct? 

WOOD: “The parties have agreed to a conceptual framework and the term sheet represents the conceptual framework.  The details will be spelled out in the three agreements, yes.”

Bruce Silverstein … followed by Christine Wood … the city’s divorce lawyer.

To Silverstein… that is a major important thing.

To the council members who negotiated it … like Mikke Pierson … it is ignoring the fact that the preliminary term sheet has major financial concessions already from Santa Monica.

Silverstein has repeatedly criticized the framework … reached by the city.

He has dismissed it as “political grandstanding” by departing city council members Karen Ferrer and Mikke Pierson.

Monday night …Pierson said he doesn’t understand that.


“Bruce I have no idea why you’re trying to pick this apart. I honestly don’t get it. I think this is a huge win for the city. I believe it was 95% of the citizens that was surveyed wanted us to separate.”

And Pierson rejected the grandstanding charge … he said of course the divorce is a matter of politics.


“I do want to say ‘yeah’ to some of your comments I saw. It is intensely politically. What we are doing on school separation has a huge political component to it … and we are all very aware of the different angles and posturing and strategies in play.

“Still when we all looked at it as an entire team this was the win that we needed to have. 

“This is a win for Malibu and Malibu’s families to get this far.”

Teams from the city of Malibu and Santa Monica will continue to negotiate the three joint agreements on the details of the school district divorce.

Although all five city council candidates said they supported school district support… The two winning candidates specifically endorsed the framework that was reached by Pierson and Karen Farrer.

Silverstein abstaining from supporting even the tentative framework act the prior city council meeting … and then publicly criticized it.

Council member Steve Uhring has been quiet …. It was absent form the special meeting where the framework was endorsed.


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