Red Flags Go Up At 7am Wed, Winds May Hit 60 – No Change In New Election Results – Family Wiped Out At Mugu When ELA Man Swerves Across PCH – 1 Killed In Car Stolen At Sobriety Center – Little League Stand May Be Collateral Damage In War against MRCA

Written by on November 15, 2022

This is Malibu’s Only Local Daily News … the Tuesday edition … I’m Hans Laetz reporting. 


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Red Flags Up For 60 MPH Winds At Sunrise Wed

Red Flag Warnings are now extended to Malibu and the Santa Monica Mountains for a 12 hour window starting at 7 am tomorrow (Wednesday).

Mild winds arrive tonight … the 60 mile per hour Santa Anas winds are forecast for tomorrow from sunrise to just past sunset.

A major water leak erupted in the eastern part of the city yesterday.

A county official tells KBUU there is a bypass pipe in that area … and the broken water main will -NOT- reduce the available amount of water coming into the city during the fierce Santa Ana winds.

But … construction crews are blocking one or two eastbound lanes of PCH near Moonshadows restaurant.

That caused a mammoth traffic jam last night … and those crews will be in the way today … tonight … tomorrow … maybe into Thursday.

And it will significantly reduce traffic capacity at a critical choke point in the major Malibu evacuation route.

Southern California Edison is not issuing any warnings that it may institute a pre-emptive power blackout to any of its customers in Malibu … or anywhere else in Southern California.  

As of last night and again this morning ,,, the power distribution company maintains that zero percent of its customers are under consideration for intentional power blackouts. 

With 60 mile per hour gusts forecast … this will be the strongest Santa Ana so far this year.

Arson Watch volunteers will be watching the canyons and mountains above Malibu.

So will extra sheriff’s deputies. 

LA county sheriff Lt Dustin Carr says they are ready.


“”We have prehired personnel for fire watch so expect to see more personnel in the canyons as we head into this wind event.”

Lt Carr was speaking at the Malibu city council meeting Monday night.


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Election Results Continue To Dribble Out With No Major Changes

One week after election day … Marianne Riggins has increased her lead over Bill Sampson to what looks like an insurmountable 93 votes.

Yesterday’s totals released by the LA County bear bio surprises.

Doug Stewart remains in the number one spot … with almost the exact same percentage of the vote that he has carried through the entire vote count.

Stewart and Riggins have apparently won the race … over Sampson … Hap Henry and Ryan Embree … in that order.

No other changes … the Santa Monica College bond … Measure SMC is still passing.

And Alex Villanueva is being trou8ned by a 3 to 2 vote in his race for a second term … by reform challenger Robert Luna.


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Car Stolen From Family Next To Sobriety House Careens Into Wall Of Dirt At Bottom Of Kanan Dume, Driver Killed

One person was killed yesterday when a stolen Lexus smashed into the vertical embankment at the bottom of Kanan Dume Rd.

Witnesses tell KBUU News that a Lexus was stolen at a sobriety recovery house along Kanan-Dume Road north of PCH… and was driven at high speed down the grade on Kanan-Dume Road towards the T-intersection with PCH. 

It hit a half dozen warning markers in the center median.

In the intersection, it hit and spun a pickup truck, which crashed into a motorcycle, whose rider was waiting for a left turn arrow on eastbound PCH approaching the intersection. 

The Lexus hit hard into the 30-foot high earthen embankment.  As bystanders tried to get the driver out, it caught fire and exploded. 

A fire truck at Station 71 was within sight, but the driver was burned badly. 

The motorcycle rider was air-evaced by LA County fire from Zuma Beach. 

PCH was closed both directions, traffic detouring thru Point Dume neighborhood streets.K-D closed as well, detour via private streets and driveways.

The intersection was reopened at about 7:15.


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Mom, Her Dad, Aunt and Family Friend Heading To LAX Wiped Out When East LA Man Swerves Into Their Lane

It was a family … heading to LAX to take their relatives for a flight home to Canada … that was wiped out last Sunday on PCH.

And the CHP now says a sedan driven by a 27 year old man from Los Angeles swerved across a center left turn lane … and smashed into the family’s SUV head on.

38 year-old Annabelle Ferrer ..,. a Camarillo resident … was driving her father … her aunt … and a family friend to LAX for a flight home after. Family reunion.

She was killed in the crash … along with Mario Ferrer, 68, of Port Hueneme; Carmen Teves, 48, of North York, Canada; and Nora Banayo, 67, of Brampton, Canada.

The driver of the other vehicle was identified as Kevin Sanic, 27, of East Los Angeles.

There CHP says they do not have a reason why Saniuc’s Subaru suddenly swerved … at a straightway west of Mugu Rock … into the family’s minivan.

Both were at least 55 miles an hour.

The sedan not only crossed the center line … but crossed a wide left turn lane. 

Robinson and 3 family members: Mario Ferrer (Annabelle’s Dad); Carmen Morales Teves (Annabelle’s Aunt); Nora Banayo (Carmen’s Friend) were killed 

The driver was with her father Mario, aunt Carmen and aunts’ friend Nora were traveling south to the Los Angeles International Airport to see her aunt Carmen and friend Nora off to fly back home to Canada.

Annabelle Ferrer’s immediate family includes her husband Patrick, their daughters Skky and Avery, her mother Veronica,

The family has set up a go fund me to cover costs associated with the funeral services, their home expenses, food, counseling for the family, an education fund for Skky and Avery.

It is at


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City Taking Hard Stand Against Malibu Campground, Little League Snack Shack Is Possible Collateral Damage

So the question has been asked … why is the Planning Director in Malibu going after the Malibu Little League for its snack shack???

Richard Mollica has come under some community criticism for his refusal to grant the Malibu Little league permission to rebuild its snack shack at Bluffs Parks.

Last night … it became clear.

Mollica is taking a hard line on ALL development at the Malibu Bluffs Park … including the large vacant parcel of state land just west of the Little League field … controlled by the MRCA’s Joe Edmiston.

Edmiston has announced plans for a massive campground complex… with a ranger station… a rangers cabin… a first aid clinic … an amphitheater… 

And cabins and yurts. 

Room for 480 campers… Just across PCH from Pepperdine.

Last night it became clear that the City of Malibu is going to take a hard line against all structures at Bluffs Park… Including those needed by the MRCA for the new proposed campground.

The MRCA is an outside parks agency controlled by special boards from the Conejo and Simi valleys.

Its director … Joe Edmiston … is planning to bypass the Malibu City Council and use a loophole in the state Coastal Act … to let the MRCA grant itself permission to build the campground.

Planning director Richard Mollica told the city council last night … the MRCA is going around Malibu to build the campground in the hear of the city.


“The way they are proceeding  right now – they will not be a hearing at the city level and I worry that a lot of the residents don’t understand that nuance of the section of the code.”

Even though Malibu is bypassed in the decision making process for the Malibu campground … acting city attorney Trevor Russin says there is backstop of sorts.


“it’s important to keep in mind here that this plan has to keep in form with our local Coastal program. Going to the coastal commission directly does not excuse them from compliance with it. And we are supposed to be a part of this process and consulted.”

Russin told the city council last night that he will be making sure that MRCA follows the Malibu LCP.

And that LCP says … no structures at Bluffs Park.

The acting city attorney categorizes the MRCA’s end run around Malibu … cynical.


“using it for exclusively Malibu programs is a cynical way to use this process … and we’ll be looking very closely at it to make sure that they do adhere to the elements of the Coastal Act and our Local Coastal Program. “

They city council also took action last night on the Malibu triathlon … and other news making events.

We’ll have those stories tomorrow.


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