Retired U-S Congressman Pleads To City For Help – ‘Treat Me Like The Malibuite I Am

Written by on May 12, 2020

A former U S Congressman … with a long and distinguished record in Washington … had to go before the Malibu city council last night to plea for help.

Retired Congressman David Dreier … represented the Pasadena area in the U-S Congress for 32 years.

He retired … and quietly bought a modest house in Malibu.

That house was one of 480 houses to burn down in the Woolsey Fire.

The Malibu city Council has decided that it will not charge inspection or plan review fees to people whose houses burned down the fire … so long as those people are Malibu residents.

But the problem is … for security reasons he has his mail delivered to a former staffer’s office in Pasadena.

And that means … according to Malibu city policy … David Dreier is technically not a resident of Malibu.

Dreier says he can’t afford to rebuild his house in less he gets those fees waived … just like his neighbors.

And that means … he had to go before the city council to ask for help.


“In 2010 … I bought my 1,473-square-foot Home so that I could after 32 years in Congress live full-time in Malibu.

“It is the only house I have ever owned.

“Like so many of my neighbors I am working to rebuild following the loss of everything that I had, in that house.

“And I am simply ask to be treated like the Malibuite that I am.”

Former U-S Congressman David Dreier …  speaking before the Malibu city council last night…

Several of Dreier’s neighbors testified last night that he does indeed live next to them… on Kanan Dume Road.

City council members asked for a policy wording change be brought to them at a future meeting … to slightly broaden the definition of who is a Malibu resident … to help the retired Congressman out.

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