Beaches Likely To Reopen Wed – Malibu Worries About PCH Crossings

Written by on May 12, 2020

Still no official word from the LA County Department of public health over beach re-openings.

But a different county department … beaches and harbors … has sent out out word via Twitter that beach use will be allowed starting will be allowed beginning tomorrow morning.

It will be limited to surfing and swimming in the water…. and running and jogging in the sand ….

Face coverings will be mandatory for anyone on the sand, but not for people in the water.

Social distancing will be required …

And more languid activities, including picnicking and sunbathing will continue to be prohibited.

Under L A County’s one size fits all planning … all beach parking lots from Long Beach to Ventura County line will remain closed … to limit beach crowds.

That may make sense in Santa Monica … but it creates big problems in Malibu.

Mayor Karen Farrer envisions surfers dodging fast traffic on the highway.

City councilman Skylar Peak urged the city manager to ell that county … Zuma’s parking lot needs to be opened … at least on  a partial basis.


“If the county can get a lot open … Zuma is a very big place … even if they can only get a percentage of it… that seems to be a lot safer for everyone … our residents and the public.”

City manager Reva Feldman said she is getting different plans every day from the county health … county beaches … and state highway departments.

And she says she is trying to point out to the outside agencies …. that it might make more sense to open the big parking lots … at least parts of them.


“I have been today and this afternoon speaking with people in the county and the state who determine if we think should lift those parking restrictions that are along Pacific Coast Highway … 

“My concern is that we will have visitors coming out to the beaches and if there’s not parking available along the coast side …  people will try to park in other areas … and try to cross the highway which could be really dangerous.”

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