Question: Will MRCA Allow Caltrans Access To Prevent Mudflow?

Written by on December 3, 2018

Malibu residents used to seeing lane closures on Pacific Coast Highway ain’t seen nothing yet.

Caltrans has plans to flood Malibu with repair crews six days a week … daytimes … starting today.

Fire damaged hillsides and debris clogged drains need immediate attention following the fire.

Mud is flowing during rainstorms onto the pavement in the entire city.

Guardrails are burned … road signs down …

Cliffs are shedding rocks … and protective metal nets can be installed.

Road crews will be setting up mornings … during the 9 o’clock hour …. six days a week … starting today.

One area of particular concern is the MRCA … which owns some land next to PCH in the center of Malibu.

In the years after fires in the past … the MRCA has prohibited Caltrans … from sending crews onto MRCA land along PCH to repair the slope.

The hill between Puerco Canyon and Latigo … MRCA property … has been shedding mud onto PCH for 23 years after the 1994 fire.

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